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Republic Bank Enhances Learning with the Donation of Computers

Republic Bank, in its ongoing commitment to the community it serves and its strong sense of corporate social responsibility, recently donated 14 Wi-Fi enabled desktop computers loaded with Office 365 to the Patricia D. James Secondary School. Recognizing that electronic devises for school learning were not just necessary during the pandemic but that they are important elements of learning in the digital era, the bank readily identified the education institution to offer the computers to.

Country Manager Gordon Julien with Students from the Patricia D. James Secondary School

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Country Manager Gordon Julien stated, “We at Republic Bank take a very serious interest in supporting the educational needs of persons in our community. And as such it gives us great pleasure to be able to make the donation.”

Commenting that the pandemic has been unequal in its impact and widened the disparity between rich and poor, Mr. Julien noted that while some persons prospered, unfortunately, many were not able to leverage the opportunities that became available because they did not have the tools to learn.  The pandemic, he noted, has highlighted the vulnerability of students, with many unable to get the tools needed for learning.

Republic Bank Donates Desktop Computers to the Patricia D. James Secondary School

Receiving the computers on behalf of the Patricia D. James Secondary School was Vice Principal Peter Louisy.  He expressed gratitude to the Republic Bank for partnering with the school and helping it execute its mandates to its students. He noted that “while the school has attempted to ensure that no child is left behind, we know that some of our students, because of their socioeconomic status, are not able to get the necessary tools, hence the donation will go a long way in enhancing our students’ learning.”

Reiterating Republic Bank’s vow to continue to assist communities, Country Manager Mr. Julien affirmed, “We take our corporate social responsibility very, very seriously. We have been involved in a number of activities in sports, in education and in the arts.”

Republic Bank will soon launch its Power to Make a Difference (PMAD) corporate social responsibility program as it looks to deepen its relationship with the community it serves.

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