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Cabot Saint Lucia & Marjorie Lambert sign Historic Deal to Move to New and Improved Facilities

Cabot Saint Lucia and Marjorie Lambert of Marjorie’s today signed an historic agreement to move her to new and improved facilities.

Aerial view of Marjorie's place and the Cabot development. [PHOTO: Kendell ‘Scady’ Eugene]
Aerial view of Marjorie’s place and the Cabot development. [PHOTO: Kendell ‘Scady’ Eugene]
After years of negotiations, Cabot Saint Lucia has delivered on its promise to accommodate a mutual arrangement that will see Marjorie’s – the iconic beach bar On Cas en BAS – relocated to newly constructed premises all at Cabot’s expense. CEO for Cabot Kristine Thompson signed the contract on behalf of Cabot and says that it was always Cabot’s intention to make Marjorie part of the fabric of the Cabot experience.

Marjorie’s will be part of a larger Cas En Bas experience that includes a beach park, a coastal trail, and a cultural center memorializing our early ancestors.

Part of the deal also included a significant cash component of over 1.1 million EC of which she received 50% today. An emotional Marjorie was relieved and very happy with the deal which means she will now officially and legally forever remain part of the new Cas En Bas experience that Cabot is creating.

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On hand to witness the signing of this historic contract was Cabinet Minister Hon Richard Frederick, who noted that he was pleased to see that the ongoing discussion between his Government and Cabot as regards securing local interests is bearing positive fruit.

Edwin Lucas of Cabot has been the principal negotiator on behalf of the Golf Resort developer and spoke to the close relationship that he enjoyed with Marjorie over time and is personally elated that the plan to make Marjorie’s part of the CABOT experience is becoming a reality.

Besides the ownership of her new facilities and the cash pay-out, Cabot has also given Marjorie, title to the 20 thousand square feet of freehold land on which the beach bar is to be built. This ownership will be a first for Marjorie and marks the first such transaction in the country’s history.

Cabot Saint Lucia sees this positive development as entirely congruent with its investment philosophy of cultural, social and environmental sensitivity – where local communities and interests are part of the dream to create and sustain a truly magical place for generations to come.

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  1. Who is taking credit for this transaction, and as Lawyer guess what? not Stevenson King of course; but Cabot did the honourable thing for the native Lucian and she is happy, as long as she is happy with the deal, that’s the thing. But who is paying who? never a dull moment. Lord God, be good to St. Lucia, in the face of WW3. St. Lucia will survive.

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