Updated Protocols for the Tourism Industry

IN light of the recent increases in COVID-19 positive cases, the National Emergency Management Committee (NEMAC) under the advice of the Office of The Prime Minister has approved the following adjustments to the health and safety protocols for the tourism sector in an effort to mitigate against the possible spread of COVID-19:

1. Staycation for locals at COVID-19 approved properties, where unvaccinated guests are accommodated is prohibited;

2. Social Gatherings are restricted to immediate households and family limited to ten (10) people. Waterbased recreational activities such as whale watching, sea transfers, deep sea fishing are permitted with full adherence to the necessary protocols;

3. Boat rides are prohibited for the three (3) week period;

4. In private settings, individuals are required to limit their contact as much as possible to family and adhere to all necessary protocols and general hygiene procedures;

5. No loud music permits to be issued during the period;

6. All land based transfers by COVID-19 tourism service providers are permitted;

7. Alternate days for unvaccinated locals and visitors with respect to recreational parks, sites & attractions, restaurants are to be maintained during this period;

8. Ongoing assessment and alternative measures will be implemented as per consultation with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism on Friday 13th August, 2021.

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