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Train to Become a Sales Champion

CONSCIOUS that though people are spending, consumers are extremely cautious and have several options as to where and on what they spend. This is in an environment where most businesses are struggling to adapt, operate and thrive in this New Normal (Covid-19). Sales being the lifeline of every business, it is crucial to jumpstart sales at this time. Therefore, the Chamber as part of its Business Development and Education drive continues to respond to members needs and presents an opportunity for businesses to access the right skills and tools to drive sales to their business.

Confident that recovery is only a matter of time, now more than ever, the competence of ones Sales Team is critical. The Chamber thus presents another training and business development opportunity that will help catalyze the recovery of businesses. On September Monday 13th and Wednesday 15th personalized training and mentoring, purposefully designed will be delivered to address individual and organizational challenges. This Program will propel Sales Professionals to Sales Champions.

The program will assist Sales Professionals at various tiers, with an innovative approach where a “pre workshop consultation” will be held with each participant so that the Facilitator can get know and understand the specific need of each participant apriori’. Then the two powerful days of information, sales skills, techniques and knowledge sharing will take place.

The Chamber has deliberately scheduled this program for September, with the objective of prepping Sales Teams for a bumper end of year season. The questioned posed to the Business Community – If not now, then when? Members agree that the holiday season is opportune to close the year on a high note in preparation for 2022 and beyond.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present again, RESConsulting; “Sales Champion Training Programme’, proven to be effective in building stronger and more competitive Sales Professionals, driving your sales and profitability.

To access this personalized mentoring essential for Catalyzing the speed of recovery for your business secure your seat via additional information will be provided by our team at and 1758 452 3165.

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