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The Direct Consequences of Calculated Untruths

By James Edwin

The former PM who recently lost the last elections should be extremely proud of his achievements, but more importantly the recognized and concerted effort by several persons and organisations within our society who conveniently attacked the Prime Minister solely to ensure his exodus from the political arena finally achieved their goal. The fabrications and deceit from within should not be ignored nor forgotten. 

The achievements accomplished can never be erased and time will certainly exonerate him from all these false accusations.  The creator has his own method of dealing with all of us and possibly there has already been positive reasons for the loss of this election based upon the timely presence of the new Delta variant which is about to create major chaos within our health department. Being a Prime Minister during a pandemic is the most difficult task one can ever imagine.  Firstly, it is an entirely new scenario unknown to our population and any government, secondly the poor and middle class remain the most vulnerable and thirdly the business community will not only endure hardships, but some will certainly fold.

Our new Prime Minister, Mr. Pierre should be well prepared to receive the level of criticism experienced by his predecessor and is likely to be more criticized based on the faster rate of transmission than the initial virus.  Pierre does have one advantage upon the last administration as he has inherited a ready-made respiratory hospital with an experienced staff which was created by the former administration.  Further, whatever adjustments he needs to make can be based on the experiences of the former administration.

On the political front it should be recalled that in 1997 the SLP won an election 16 to 1 and within five years were it not for the dispute within the hierarchy of the Alliance Party, the SLP would have been tossed out of office after one term.  Similarly, some 25 years ago Owen Arthur of the BLP lost the elections 21 to 3 and believe it or not within five years Arthur was returned to office and remained in power for 15 years.

The reason for his success was the fact that he created a vision for Barbados which did not exist, and the Bajan community bought into his vision only after he was thrown out of office.  There are similarities in St. Lucia today which are likely to unfold sooner rather than later.  We had a Prime Minister who was respected both at home and abroad and was well on his way to building a new St. Lucia when a vicious form of manufactured hate was cleverly put together by a team of failures and questionable characters. St. Lucians will realise that the results of the 2021 elections were totally unexpected, but the fact is that the people have spoken.  The enormous mandate given will leave no doubt in the minds of all St. Lucians, that the current government has a major responsibility on their hands, and they will be held accountable for the state of the economy in every step of the way.

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  1. I’ve never read a more baseless analysis than this one. To present a dream which doesn’t exist and try selling it as real is gross dishonesty. It’s an indication of a rudderless captain. If one sums up the Chastenet era in such a manner, this person has just exposed his inability to critically think and analyze or he is just basically as dishonest as Chastenet was in office.

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