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P.M. Pierre Cheered on Way to Parliament

THE First Session of the 12th Parliament, which opened yesterday, had all the trappings of previous sessions, however the crowd was smaller this time around but just as boisterous when the parliamentarians made their appearances.

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre high-fiving supporters
Prime Minister Philip J Pierre high-fiving supporters.

Of course, the cheering also goes up when the Prime Minister makes an appearance. This time around things went according to plan when Prime Minister Philip J Pierre disembarked from his chauffeur driven, state-owned vehicle.

The cheers which went up propelled him to the crowd shaking hands with some supporters, hi-fiving others and waving to those who were a little distanced from him. Pierre, for a moment basked in the affection directed at him by supporters. He too delivered the love and warmth for a brief moment before taking his seat in parliament.

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