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“Manners Maketh Man” but Entitlement Suffers Fools Hilariously!!

By Little Black Girl

“Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves St. Lucian children of the World”.  A few added words here and there, but this is a part of a song that I remember singing in Bible School whether I wanted to or not.  Therefore, for those of you with red or yellow pupils, ignoring that you could be suffering from Redeye or Jaundice, this is NOT a Political Jab.  It just so happens that what I’m about to express has been perpetuated by Jaundice eyes.  Nevertheless, this is a cautionary admonishment to the powers that sit on the thrones of Government and ultimately the thrones of all leadership by extension.  

The art of War can be brutal, it leaves casualties in its wake and strips leaders and front liners of their pride, their physical prowess, their confidence and yes, their zeal to keep on going and to show up for another comeback.  I have never been a soldier of war but through the war of life and the many emotions that accompany that gift, I could imagine the feeling of loss, of hurt and of a vexed and disappointed spirit.   But alas, the synonyms of character include personal temperament and disposition and the dictionary goes further to say that it is the mental and moral values of a person that equate to their character.  So, let’s look into the characters of the losing team in the fun sports which took place on July 26th, St. Lucia’s last general elections.  After all, the other colors included were blue and green and if my memory will not fail me, the symbols were A Blue Wave and a Green Cow respectively.

I mean give Jack his jacket and Joe his hoe, you cannot and will never have any evidence to suggest that the last Minister of Works and Transport was a pitiful or a sore-in-the-joints loser.  Although one could argue that he wasn’t the leader of the outgoing party, he seemed to have called some big shots.  I mean he was always on TV letting us know who he will not answer to nor provided us with an end date or progress report concerning the St. Jude’s BO-BO.  But vex as you may be, dislike him all you want, he was big enough, bold enough, apparently not hurt enough to concede defeat, congratulate his brother-in Christ rival, and tell us all about his future leisure and travel plans.

I suppose that that knowledge was more important to divulge than government’s business which we all pay to receive; but I am not complaining.  The point is this, we heard from him.  I rather suspect that the SDA Mission and Board meetings may have played a part in his swift public repentance, but he made himself available.  He was eloquent as usual and in relatively good spirits.  This dessert treat was facilitated by Helen Television Systems if you were wondering who covered it.  No sooner, a few other ministers followed suit, even with pain in their voices, they conceded and pledged to work together with the incoming government for the good of us all.

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I am assuming that those who found it within themselves to appear publicly, had a bit of nurturing at some point along their young lives that carried them enough to exhibit resilience, strength, courage and respect.

I know we all have baggage, limitations and experiences that shape us, but its oftentimes people who are hurt, severely scared, spoiled and entitled who believe that they can play with the emotions of the masses, pull our strings like puppets, pull the wool over our lassie-eyes, and then repeat the cycle all over again because they have branded us, the people, as stupid fools.  It baffles me that the same night before the General Elections, the then Prime Minster was on TV pleading, in the most soft and Godly voice, his hair well slick, I would say with gel, but his hair-type accommodates slickness very easily.

He was calm, collected, although believable, there seemed to be a modicum of duplicity for those who are not too disappointed with his disappearing act, I guess scene two?  “You means to tell me, not one word?” said an elderly lady who expressed her shock.   I get that wound must be licked, and chee-chee-mar must be sipped, but for crying out loud, suddenly, vacation and small children became paramount?

I wonder what would have happened if he had won the entire elections?  Would parliament remain closed to administer family time?  After all, our friends in Canada enjoy “Family Day” as a holiday, right?  Now the jaundice ones please don’t come for me, I am not castigating family time.  God knows that if most of us had received family time, we’d be less fractured.  So, Kudos to the previous supposed honorable for bringing that necessity to the forefront of our awareness.  Nevertheless, time and place, space and time, actions send the loudest messages.  Is it that he is being blatantly disrespectful, is he saying who do you people think you are?  Has he been riding a white horse with his nose pointed to the sky?  These are all questions that I can only attempt to answer inside my very vivid imagination.

All of St. Lucia best take notice, take a close look at the behaviour.  Do you think it is condescending? Is it high and mighty?  Sons and Daughters of St. Lucia, take stock of who you choose to lead you, who you choose to direct your children’s educational paths because yes, she too has pulled the same disappearing act.  After the people of Micoud North have had jaundiced eyes for so many years, albeit she only served for two terms, that loss was historic and tremendous.  One would think that the people of Micoud North deserved a public and special day-day and bye-bye with kisses blown at them and well wishes articulated in a thunderous elegant baritone which frequently graced our media airwaves.

Taking such a stance would have caused angel wings to grow on that representative’s back and propelled her into sainthood.  But nope, she seemed too much, too big, and too mighty to come to the people, lick her wounds and encourage the faithful flock to rally behind the change, even with his deficiencies.  What a woman!!  And now, I say character is not exhibited by the rich and famous, it’s not exhibited by the poor.

According to Kahlil Gibran “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”  It is, therefore, incumbent on the new dispensation to lead the way with character, respect, and decorum, not just for the Haves, but for all St. Lucians.  Can we change the narrative for the young ones looking up to us? Because if we continue foaming at the mouth every time things don’t go our way, Crapo will smoke your pipe, your children’s pipe and certainly my pipe and I don’t even smoke.  Now, I rest my case, and remember, this was NOT a Political Jab.

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