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A Plague of Misinformation

By Anthony Rodney

THE COVID-19 pandemic has found quite an effective partner in the plague of misinformation that is also sweeping the planet, and which has infected even more people than the coronavirus.

We often wonder how this or that despot or that tyrant was able to get into power, and if we take a long, hard look at ourselves, the answer is right in front of us.

Too many people don’t care about the truth, or facts or educating themselves. They prefer to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it …and it has gotten even worse with the social media wraiths; harbingers of conspiracy theories, people who are themselves conspiring to ‘miseducate’ people, and unfortunately they have found a public willing to hungrily swallow the detritus they are peddling without even checking whether it has an ounce of credibility.

I am particularly amazed by the nonsense seemingly smart people are willing to indulge over this whole question of vaccination, a mental sickness that could be easily treated with an ounce of common sense. I have never seen so many people refuse to be proactive about their own health, but prefer to adhere to the advice of bush doctors and doomsayers.

And what are the arguments? That the ‘powers-that-be’ are somehow intent on infecting people with a demonic seed! Good Lord. If you spend five seconds thinking about that then you would realise that these super powers have to be really stupid to try to do that with a high-profile, sometimes hard to get vaccine. I mean, if you want to infect everyone with a ‘demon seed’ then put it in vitamin C, painkillers, supplements and any other over the counter drug. It is so insanely funny because people fighting down a vaccine made by this or that company, are the same ones consuming almost daily another product made by that same company! Oh come on folks.

And then there is the argument that it alters your DNA. I haven’t seen any semi-human chickens running around. I know, that’s being a bit facetious, but it seems quite appropriate in the context of much of the absurdity dominating this discussion.

And then there is the famous argument that if you take the vaccine you can still get sick! Well yes, that has never been denied, but the likelihood that you will die or have severe lung damage is greatly reduced. You mean to say vaccines don’t score any points for helping to PREVENT YOU FROM DYING! So you rather take your chances with COVID? And the frustrating thing is when you point out the stats to them, that 9 out of 10 people in hospital are unvaccinated, that there is only one official death from a breakthrough case, you know what they say, mainstream media manipulating the facts.

So mainstream media isn’t manipulating the fact that over a million people have died from COVID? That millions more are sick and suffering?

How do you win?

Governments also have to get with the programme. Many of these governments want to have one foot in and one foot out. Wailing to the heavens that people need to get vaccinated, but unwilling to take firm measures to ensure this takes place.

Listen, I am all for freedom of choice, but those persons brave and smart enough to get the vaccine must not be put at risk from those who do not.

Which is why I am fully supporting measures to allow only fully vaccinated persons access to enclosed spaces such as restaurants, gyms etc. as they have done in California. And if a business owner decides employees must be vaccinated to protect each other and clients, that’s simply a reality of the crazy and dangerous world we now live in. People will argue that that is Discrimination, but have no time to think about the fact that on the other side of the coin is another ‘D” word ….Death!

Political leaders who want to play both sides will find that the cost of their idealism comes in lives lost and severe damage to people’s health, and if they are willing to accept that price, then they do not care about you to begin with, they only care about the political correctness that will get them re-elected.

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