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Too many points of view point to confusion for me and you!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

NEVER before on this landscape has there been so many points of view. The number of talk show hosts has grown, so has the number of radio personalities, and if you go to Facebook or other related programs, views are multiplying, some positive, some mind-boggling, some skeptical, as well as some that just don’t make sense.

There is a lot of bias, support, criticism, duplication, alliance-related input, etc. The bottom line is there are just so many different points of view that it can be easily confusing if you try to follow and understand all.

What is also a challenge is to keep-up with them, as most compete against each other and use the same times and on the same days, some not allowing the listener to have their undivided attention, so we have to choose, or get pieces of programs and can seldom digest.

I do agree it is about freedom of speech, but if some of the speeches we hear were more enlightening, or based on facts, or for educational purposes, it would do a wealth of good.

I miss hearing progressive thinkers. I would have liked to have debates by our ministers, to hear what defense some have for their actions; and I am missing hearing directly from the Horse’s mouth, rather than hearing others’ views.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, missing explanations, a lot of hidden details and agenda, lots of coverups mingled with corruption that are never answered.

If we vote, we must know what is proposed or done on our behalf and we must know the truth, assess the losses, know who lies, or who bluffs or is telling the truth.

We cannot depend on hearsay, or the spin doctors, to offer us half-truths. We should know who is for us, or against us, as well as know where we are heading, or if we are sinking or will stay afloat.

That’s a lot to ask for but it is my right, as well as my birthright, and I should know.

The media talkers are good, but they usually twist the message to suit them. Government tells us what they want us to hear. We are never sure if the opposition is telling the truth; we do not know how much cover-up goes on in the police force; we do not know the deals that go on behind various closed doors, because we are mere speculators.

And that is the source of our confusion and our division — and our downfall, not knowing the truth so as to be able to make a more personal assessment.

As long as things remain as is, the more downhill we will trod, like the mythical man in the Kweyol tale called ‘Abraham’, who was ‘always riding his bicycle uphill, without brakes.’ (Abraham ka mouter-morne, bicycle-san-brakes…’)

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