Swimming: Naima Hazell and Karic Charles Top LA Awards

The Vladimir Lucien Theater at the Gros Islet Human Ressource Centre was a hive of swimming celebration this past Saturday 5th September 2020 when the Lightning Aquatic Swim Club hosted their annual awards ceremony to recognize its outstanding performers for the year under review (2019).

When the announcement was made by the two the MCs, Ethan Hazell and Coach, Tariq. Naima Hazell and Karic Charles took home the awards for the senior male and female swimmer for the Year title, while, Arron Charles and Amara Reece grabbed hold of the junior category.

(l-r) Master of Ceremonies, Ethan Hazell and Coach Tariq; Dr. Stephen King delivering his speech (Photo- Anthony De Beauville)

On her way to winning the Swimmer of the Year award, Naima also picked up the girls 13 and Over High Points; the coaches award, the swimmers choice award, the backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle awards respectively.

Karic was not too far behind when he collected awards in the various categories. Most Consistent; Boys 11 – 12 High Points; Butterfly and Backstroke awards.

(l-r)Dr. Joanne Mills presenting Lightning Aquatic Club Junior female swimmer for the Year Amara Reece with her award; Dr. Joanne Mills (presenter) with senior female and senior male swimmer for the Year along with LA President, Tessa Charles – Louis (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Aspiring 10 and Under girls swimmer, Amara Reece was also in the thick of things on the night, apart from winning the prestigious award for Junior female Swimmer for the Year; Amara also added to her collection, the high points awards, most improved; backstroke and freestyle awards.

Arron Charles, the younger brother of Karic Charles captured the following awards, 10 and Under High Points; most improved; butterfly and breaststroke awards.

The audience was aptly entertained in song by Melva Depradine (the parent of a young swimmer); dance by Cyril/ Edwin family and Saxophonist performance by Glen Henry.

Guest speaker, Dr. Stephen King, who is no stranger to events like these gave what can best describe as the perfect advice-giving to young sports personalities by a guest speaker in years. Being the best human being.

Speaking from the heart, Dr. King spoke about, Truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption. Truth, Self-awareness, embracing of imperfections and thoughtful.

(l-r) A photo moment Naima Hazell and Ethan Hazell as their father, Eddie Hazell presented them with the Coaches Award (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Forgiveness and reconciliation; Focused – inward, goals. Open communication; have fun, live the moment – joy. Be yourself, be grateful, be peaceful, and be content. All decisions are spiritual – the Most High guide.

More on Dr. King speech in the weekend edition.

Meanwhile, President of the Saint Lucia Aquatic Federation, Eddie Hazell, reminded the swimmers that all is not lost. He said, “I am fully aware that a lot of you had lost hope for the past few months. I have heard you, I have listened. Swimmers and parents, I would like to tell you that all is not lost. There is hope for the sport that you love and give so much to”.

Added Hazell, “The hope I have expressed is full of expectations of which you the swimmers are fully aware of. Tonight is a perfect example of the interest shown by many who need to pay their part in the development of the sport and by extension, you”.

He continued, “This administration of which I am proud of to lead thus far implemented various programmes to enhance the growth, functionality and awareness of the importance of swimming both as sport and leisure to our children and the nation”.

(l-r) Most Consistent female swimmer, Naekeisha Louis receiving her award from SLAF President, Eddie Hazell; Janick Clemet receiving the Freestyle award from Dr. Stephen King (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Hazell said, “We have a long road ahead, we reported to you last year of major plans for the erections of pools in strategic areas to support our programmes”.

“To date, all the groundwork in terms of securing of various sites, drawings and designs with approvals and most pool costing to include equipment and installation is in place”.

According to Hazell, “The pools will be supplied and installed by renowned pool designer Mytha Pool, assigned to the project is Saint Lucian born Julien Brice, Technical engineer of Mytha; Julien is a former national swimmer”.

Anthony De Beauville is The VOICE Publishing Company’s multi-award winning sports journalist. He works closely with a number of sports federations including the Department of Youth Development and Sports, the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee and other organizations.

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