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St Lucia National Lottery Addresses Super 6 Draw Incident

We wish to address and provide clarity on a situation involving the Super 6 draw#2019 of Tuesday, September 1st, 2020. The issue relates to an employee of the St. Lucia National Lottery who as part of the draw process for the Multi-island Super 6 game was privy to privileged information on the results of the draw and without permission and in violation of the policy regarding the draw process released this information in advance of the airing of the official result at 9:00 p.m.

This is a clear violation of the procedures for the draw process which is conducted under the strictest levels of control and integrity.

The Super 6 game is a Multijurisdictional game played within the Windward Islands of St Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and Grenada. The agreement between these Islands authorizes the pre-recording of the Super 6 draw which is aired throughout the Islands during their normal evening draw broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays.

At no time was the process of the draw compromised as all controls to ensure the secure closure of sales before the draw process began were followed. The process of selection of the winning number was conducted according to the full established guidelines and supervised by independent external auditors who approved the draw and its results. We wish to re-assure the public that at no time was the result of the draw compromised.

Every Draw Process is fully conducted under the Supervision of two Auditors from BDO. Ticket sales for Super 6 tickets are suspended at 7:45pm, this means that tickets for that game can no longer be purchased ahead of the start of the draw process.

The St Lucia National Lottery prides itself on its credibility and integrity and conducts all draws under the strictest international standards for best practice.

We would like to assure the public that the integrity of the St Lucia National Draws is of paramount importance and once our full internal investigation is completed the person or persons with responsibility for this breach will be held accountable and requisite changes made to prevent a similar recurrence.


  1. At one point you said and I quote “ At no time was the process of the draw compromised as all controls…”
    Then in the last paragraph you’re again saying, and I quote “once our full internal investigation is completed the person or persons…”
    So what happens now? Does the winner get money after the matter is fully investigated?

  2. Yes, sales for super six tickets are suspended at 7:45pm but the big question is what time did the draw take place? It could have taken place just before 7:45pm giving that national lottery employee time to leak the numbers to someone waiting by a lottery machine for the call. The entire management of the St. Lucia national lottery should be fired and even prosecuted for allowing draws to take place long before the televised event which people believe is actually live. BDO should also be sued and fired for being naive that the national lottery staff that they have become close to over time are honest and trustworthy rather than people waiting for an opportunity to cheat the system. This type of fraud has occurred in the past by past employees of the National Lottery and to find out that draws are not being conducted live still is a serious crime. The actual time of the draw to the second must be revealed. Phone records of all persons present during the draw and the eventual winner must be thoroughly investigated. The purchase time of the ticket is also very important as well as whether it was a quick pick or the numbers were specifically selected. No money should be paid out before a thorough investigation and any one found to be involved in this scam if indeed it is should punished to the full extent of the law.

  3. And why do you show live above the video being played at 9? You are contradicting yourself. I’m going to cage, until I have proof they are crooked too, that’s where I will be

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