SLDA 501 CLASSIC: Amazona and Untouchables A in winning row

Darts actions continued Thursday evening in the Saint Lucia Darts Association (SLDA) 501 Classic in collaboration with Prio’s Bar and Grill in Corinth.

The evening double header saw, Untouchables A continuing where they left off in their first game when they defeated Untouchables B 8 -1. They made light work of Branford Darters defeating them 7-2, while Amazona coming out from their shocking 5-4 defeat last weekend at the hands of new comers Southern Pointers, had a close call when they defeated Untouchables B 5-4.

Image: (L-R) Gerald Cyril; Cuthbert Tony and Peter Ferguson (Untouchables). (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Gerald Cyril; Cuthbert Tony and Peter Ferguson (Untouchables). (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

Results in the game between Untouchables versus Branford Darters.

In the two men’s double: opening match, Trevor John and Linus Theophilus (Untouchables A) went down to  Julian Jules and Vincent Lucas (Branford Daters) 2-0; Haig Louis and Cuthbert Tony (Untouchables A) pulled one back when they   defeated William Roschild and Peter Branford (Branford Darters) 2-1.

Mixed Trio: Lambert Charles, Patricia Edmund and Jonathan Emmanuel won over Julian Jules, Leona Francis and William Roschild (Branford Daters)   by default 2-0 as the female for Branford Daters was absent).

Mixed doubles: Cuthbert Tony and Patricia Edmund (Untouchables A) defeated Julian Jules and Marcellin Charles (Branford Darters by default 2-0 as the female for Branford Daters was absent)

Ladies singles: Patricia Edmund (Untouchables A) had a walk over Marcellin Charles (Branford Daters) 2-0 as the latter was absent for her encounter.

Four men’s singles: Lambert Charles (Untouchables A) defeated Vincent Lucas  (Branford Darters) 2-0; Haig Louis (Untouchables A) defeated Kingsley Haynes (Branford Daters) 2-0; William Roschild (Branford Daters) pulled one back when he defeated Jonathan Emmanuel (Untouchables A) 2-0, while Cuthbert Tony (Untouchables A) continued his good run on form defeating Julian Jules (Branford Darters) 2-0.

Image: (L-R) Theodocia Pierre, Patricia Edward and Andrea Leon -Thomas. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Theodocia Pierre, Patricia Edward and Andrea Leon -Thomas. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

Results in the second game of the evening between Untouchables B and Amazona Darts Team.

Men’s Doubles: Hendrickson Joseph and Donavan Medar (Amazona) had a hard fought 2-1 win over Lance Charles and Albert Henry (Untouchables B); Peter Lionel and Kevin Joseph (Amazona) were defected by P Ferguson and Eric Daniel (Untouchables B) 2-0.

Mixed Trio: Hendrickson Joseph, Delta Lionel and Donavan Medar (Amazona) lost to P Ferguson, Theodocia Pierre and Kenrick Pierre (Untouchables B) 1-2.

Mixed Doubles; Peter Lionel and Leona Augustin (Amazona) defeated Lance Charles and Andrea Leon (Untouchables B) 2-0.

Ladies Singles; Leona Augustin (Amazona) went down to Theodocia Pierre (Untouchables) 2-1 in a thrilling matchup; probably the best ladies match thus far in the tournament.

Men’s Singles: Kervin Joseph (Amazona) was made to work hard for his 2-0 win by veteran player Gerald Cyril (Untouchables B); Hendrickson Joseph (Amazona) defeated Peter Ferguson (Untouchables B) 2-1 in another thrilling matchup on the night; Donavan Medar (Amazona) continued his lean form losing to Lance Charles (Untouchables B) 2-0 and Peter Lionel could not get his rhythm going as he went down to Albert Henry 2-0.

THE VOICE spoke to the Tournament coordinator, Melissa John about the overall performances to date. This is what she said.

“I am pretty impressed with the way things have gone so far, the level of play is at a very high standard. The winning margin has been very close with the exception of Branford Darters and Untouchables B losing to Untouchables A 7-2 and 8-1 respectively”.

Image: (L-R) William Roschild (Branford Darters); Lance Charles (Untouchables). (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) William Roschild (Branford Darters); Lance Charles (Untouchables). (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

She added, “It is really nice to see one of the veteran players, Gerald Cyril, a former national champion and police officer coming back to competition and showing some of his yesteryear skills with his unique style of throwing the darts. I simply hope players of the past will show up in the next tournament”.

This tournament is very wide open after three days of stiff competition. Untouchables A is currently in the lead with two wins. Amazona Darts Team and Southern Pointers are both locked with one win, Southern Pointers defeated Amazona in a nail biting finish 5-4 and Amazona nosed ahead of Untouchables B with the same margin of victory; while Untouchables B is yet to have a team win.

In terms of the games played to date, it must be noted that the quality of play has been of a very high standard as the players from the various teams continue to give the darts fans coming to take in the showpiece something special.

The tournament continues today (Saturday 26th) at the same venue. Southern Pointers takes on Untouchables B from 5.00 p.m. The tournament takes a four days break and will resume on Thursday 1st October, day 5 when Amazona Darts Teams will play Branford Darters from 5.00 p.m.

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