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More Things Are Wrought by Prayer

By Janine Laurent

Relentless is Rev Benedict Jn Baptiste better known as (Pastor Ben) of Redemption Ministries, in his pursuit of praying for our Nation St Lucia. A well-deserved recipient of the Les Piton Medal (Silver) on 1st March 2020, during the investiture ceremony at Government House, in honour of St Lucia’s 41st Independence Celebration, for having performed long and meritorious service in the field of religion, for forty years.

Image of Pastor Ben
Pastor Ben

This true Son of the Soil has saturated the heavens with prayers for our nation St. Lucia, for over three decades. Throughout these years, Pastor Ben has used various forms of prayers namely; Supplication, Intercession, Thanksgiving, Warfare, discerning whatever strategy is needed to Combat the Powers of Darkness, especially crimes and violence/homicides, on behalf of our nation, in accordance to the Word of God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people that are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

With his vision of praying for the Nation, Pastor Ben recently hosted OPERATION COMBAT MISSION, on Thursday 13th August 2020 (last week) at Constitution Park Castries, which was a huge success. All glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. This initiative was intended to sensitize the governing authorities and people of the nation that crimes and violence are not only a natural phenomenon but a spiritual one also. During his presentation, Pastor Ben revealed, by means of a visual demonstration that crime is multifaceted and as a result, it must be fought with that same approach.

Prayer is of utmost importance in everything, in that Queen Mary of Scots said of a man of prayer John Knox “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe” Reports indicate that Queen Mary made the statement because she saw the impact of John Knox’s prayers. Note, from a human viewpoint, it was the prayers of John Knox that sparkled the Reformation in Scotland. His prayers became the fuel of the ongoing Reformation in Scotland in 1559. His prayers shook the land causing a revival among God›s people.

Let’s not think for a moment that Pastor Ben’s prayers for this nation over the years or past decades have gone on deaf ears, the Bible states in St James 5:16, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.(KJV) Has great power and produces wonderful results. (NLT).

Some Government Officials, and agencies connected to fighting crimes and violence in the country, were invited by Pastor Ben to be a part of Operation Combat Mission. Present at the event was Senator, Hon Hermangild Francis, Minister for Home Affairs, Justice, and National Security. Police Commissioner Mr Severn Monchery, and Former Senator Mr Joachim Henry, who represented the Leader of the Opposition.

They agreed with Pastor Ben’s concept that prayer is not the only medium that can be used to fight crimes, but its an added dimension that has been underutilized, and should be used included in crime-fighting measures. Pastor Ben asserts Crime is not only of the natural environment but also of the spiritual, therefore, let us incorporate a spiritual element through prayer in combating the surge of crimes and violence in the country.

After persevering under all circumstances over the years to pray for our Nation, could this be the man sent by the Almighty God for this country but we missed it? It must be noted, other religious leaders and Born Again people are also praying for our nation, this I applaud, however, Pastor Ben’s Passion, Drive, Voice and Appeal for this nation, speaks volumes. Passion is constituted by a relentless pursuit, and this is what is seen of Pastor Ben in his quest to pray for our Nation. People of St Lucia it’s not too late, let us rally with Pastor Ben to pray for our Nation St Lucia, and fight crimes and violence with prayer.

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  1. Good day and welcome to you Pastor ‘Ben’ I am indeed very happy to see the young men
    of St.Lucia coming forward ‘at a time such as this’ to stand up for Christ, our only Hope and
    the power thereof to call on for help, since this war is not of flesh and blood but of the power
    of the spirit of darkness in heavenly places. Surely you know what I’m talking about. It is a
    pity that I am not at home in person, apart from some short visits, I have been away for 62
    years ripened in ages but seasoned in spirit, and wished to be able to join many of you of the
    same spirit to break the schism among the faith, not allowing the common enemy opportunity
    to further divide and rule. I know that there are powerful forces of the Darkness in the realm
    unleashed over the inhabitants of Earth, to steal our Joy, to kill and to destroy us, but not all;
    the Almighty has a remnant in His Army, with” Benjamen” & “Benedict” at the front praising
    Him in the battle, the struggle is tough but fear not the victory for St.Lucia is assured. We don’t
    blame anyone but it is high time that we step down from the high pulpit, to meet the people
    as Jesus deed, or the ‘Road’ with faith to touch even the garment believing fy faith for healing.
    WE have with prayer to pull down the dominion, the rulers of this darkness over ‘Saint Lucia’,
    to bring peace and conversion to a nation on the edge of a great fall. Too much shooting and
    too much drunkenness, not enough Prayer, Worship & Thanksgiving to the one who made us.
    So now, be strong in the faith, keep fighting, you are not alone, break the schism get everyone
    together with Fasting and prayer, praising the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, we will conquer.

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