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Is our tomorrow worth our yesterday?

The buzzword these days is economic recovery: how to earn, get money, find jobs, bring back visitors to the island, sustain the tourism industry. No talk about sporting recovery or re-established education systems, or the stability of the health sector, or ensuring we become more self-reliant in the future.

The First World ensures we became the preferred dumping ground for all their products. They sell and we buy, we give services in exchange for cash that is badly-needed to build our fortune, make it big, have a grand lifestyle and become successful.

Those who fall between the cracks, or lose focus, or are under-skilled, or un-educated, will have to fend for themselves. Those who do not pay taxes or contribute to NIC end-up not being considered in the government’s stimulus package, self-employed persons have to fend for themselves, bus drivers and owners, shop keepers and vendors all have to find their own way, and the unemployment crisis will not be the concern of the state because the whole world is in the same predicament.

As we approach another election cycle all that will be done is to ensure that certain projects are completed to ensure that the government looks good in the eyes of the voting public. No doubt there will be more promises, also more depending on the state and any changes will not be in the best interest of the people, as only a few are seen as or consider themselves gifted with the know-how to lead or direct the affairs of state and any other opinions are considered fake or misleading

So, do we go with the present flow, or suffer the uncertainty of tomorrow? Is our tomorrow worth our yesterday?

What a predicament, what a situation.

There is quite a lot of doubt and a lot to ponder on and not much time to make up our minds or assess the situation. The arts are still at a standstill, sports are on a similar standstill and all the money secured in the Lock Box or reserved otherwise is earmarked for selective projects, so there will be no detours or redirections or deviations and what was will remain as what should be.

Can we afford not to change, or demand change? Will our yesterday be enough for our tomorrow? And can our hopes and aspirations be met? Is there going to be more taxes on the horizon? Will we be able to clear our debts, or is the answer in the cancellation of our debts? If there are more disasters such as a storm, hurricane or other climate change predicament, can or will we be able to cope, or is this the beginning of the end?

All these questions I ask so that you too can put them into perspective.

I am admittedly doubtful about government being able to deal with the existing problems or what may be on the horizon in the ways that will change things sooner than later, so I worry about its capacity to sufficiently effectively deal with what is really going on, and I am also worried about the number of square pegs we have in round holes, the ‘tag-along’ that contribute nothing, the modern-day gold diggers.

For the sake of tomorrow, I hope that we change what that is not working today because failing to change can result in more ‘Catch Arse’ every day, all the way.

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