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The Church is Still Relevant in ‘Spiritually Sick’ Society

Rev. Seth Ampadu, Superintendent Minister Methodist Church St Lucia.
By Rev. Seth Ampadu, Superintendent Minister Methodist Church St Lucia.

IT appears that spirituality has become lost in our society today. Why do normal human beings created in the image of God become so angry to the extent of killing a brother or sister? How do normal human beings made in an image of God reach the point where they are not able to control themselves, and as a result resort to the use of violence to address sentiment? What has become of some people in the society that they decide their only way out of life is the killing of others? These are some of the symptoms of a “spiritually sick” society.

Today many people see the church as irrelevant but when anything happens to them the same people run to the church for spiritual support. Many young people today are critical of the church, critical of the importance of going to church, critical of Church doctrines and the list goes on! Some people in our society see anything which has to do with spirituality as outmoded or archaic. The same people turn around to worship politicians, celebrities, and the rich elite in the society.

One reason for the spiritual sickness of our society is that so many do not know or care about what is morally right and wrong. So many things are justified on the basis of expediency and the acquiring of money, fame and goods.

The mindset some people have in our society today is that they can live without God, they are “self –made”, and they are independent.

It seems to me that many people in our society have acquired more knowledge than at any other time in history, because of the increase of Science and technology. The focus on God and spirituality has shifted to these things and people turn to idolizing and worship material objects. Daniel in his days envisioned a time when knowledge would increase according to Daniel 12:4.

Life today seems improved for many. Many people can afford to buy their own homes, many people can afford luxurious vehicles, many can take vacations to more luxurious places, many can build their own “castle”. No doubt, many people appear to live a more comfortable life in our society.

The truth of the matter is that, when life seems comfortable and okay for some people, they tend to forget about God and His church. They see the church as “irrelevant”. Some even feel they are bigger than the church and as such the church is for the “poor”, that is, until something happens that turns their lives upside down. The typical example is the recent hurricane Dorian. How many people did not pray to God to protect us? How many did promise to serve God after the hurricane? But what happened after it passed? Most people have gone back to their “old life style”. This clearly indicates how “spiritually bankrupt” the society is.

As a society, we must understand that the role of the church in this age is as relevant as it was in the years past. The Church is still the temple of God, the Body of Christ, made up of those who are the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus, who believe that Jesus died for their sins and rose again for their justification and ultimately for their glorification. The Church does not belong to man, but to Christ. It is His possession, called to serve Him and to fulfill His purposes.

Therefore, to be a “spiritually healthy” and “spiritually fixed” society, we need to go back to the same church which we have abandoned to be healed. It is important to note that, the Church is where people should go if they are in need of a “spiritual fix.” It is the “lifeline of any society”. It is a unique place that should instill change in people’s lives.

The truth is that, we need the church today because people need to have their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs met. Today, so many challenges are confronting our society as in 2 Timothy 3:1 which says “but know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.” For me, this is already here in our society. Many marriages are broken down, many children are growing up in broken homes, crime and evil are escalating, and there is an increase of unemployment among young people.

Many people in the society are struggling to make ends meet in their everyday lives. This is the reality that shows that a society needs spiritual healing; we need God’s intervention to heal our brokenness and fix our spiritual illness. The church can provide these services, counselling and advice to those in need.

Hurricane Dorian should remind us to return to the church to experience spiritual healing and cleansing. When we allow spirituality to be rooted deeply in our society, and its membership, the church will impact the lives of the people and the believers will fulfill the Messiah’s mission on earth.

May God continue His grace to us so that we hang on to Him, and see the church as a channel of God’s blessings to our society.

May God open our eyes as a society to see the church as relevant to bring social transformation to curb the ills that confront us.

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  1. My brother, I agree with everything you have said here and the answer is simple.
    In a society where the Word of God is absent, it is not taught in the schools and the
    predominant churches (sects) feel safe in having their members believe in their “religion”
    instead of “the Word of God in the Holy Bible”. In such a condition, the enemy of your Soul
    takes full advantage of the vacancy of that knowledge and ends up making a mess of your
    life. It pains me to see, year after year, a people who always complain of hard times, yet spend
    hard earned money in dressing up for carnival.The devil it seems have succeeded in blinded
    the hearts of some people, and yet the main churches are silent on this matter. Will there be a
    lesson to be learned here? Scripture speaks of the ‘Ruler of the air’ what happened in the Bahamas?

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