Jua Kali and Atwell Dalgliesh Announce Corporate Partnership to Address Waste Management in Saint Lucia

Image: Volunteers at one of the Pop-Up Depots held in September.
Volunteers at one of the Pop-Up Depots held in September.

FURTHERING its dedication to address the issue of waste management in Small Island Developing States, JUA KALI LTD. is excited to announce its’ newest Corporate Partner: Atwell Dalgliesh Co. (St Lucia) Ltd. This two-year commitment supports JUA KALI’s mandate of providing alternative solutions to tackle the pollution problems experienced in Saint Lucia and is anticipated to help move the island toward a more sustainable, dynamic and resilient circular economy.

Karen Hippolyte, Atwell Dalgliesh’s Managing Director believes strongly in the Company’s role in leading and influencing just business practices. One of the Company’s goals on the occasion of its 45th anniversary this year, was to adopt a cause that would foster greater action, promote healthier practices and educate its customers/users, as well as the wider community, on the importance of being a steward. Atwell Dalgliesh is grateful for the opportunity to join this movement, with the hope that we can all contribute to living in a much safer and healthier environment.

This partnership is well timed as JUA KALI re-launched the Pop-Up Depots 2.0 in March 2019, after a successful Pop-Up Depots Pilot project in September-November of 2017. The Pop-Up Depots provide Saint Lucians and visitors alike an opportunity to be responsible consumers and earn Massy Stores reward points by collecting and delivering their household glass and plastic bottles/ jars/ containers and aluminum cans to a JUA KALI Pop-Up Depot. These Depots are strategically located on the premises of three Massy Stores – Massy Mega, Cul-de-Sac & New Dock, which make them accessible to a large percentage of the population. With two collection days each month: 1st Saturday & 3rd Sunday of the month, the Depots eliminate the problems of inclusion for many religious denominations, allowing everyone, fair opportunity to participate. To date, over 10,000 KG of household recyclable material has been collected.

Founder & CEO of JUA KALI LTD., Laurah John states, “We are beyond excited to welcome Atwell Dalgliesh Co. the JUA KALI family. We remain thankful for the significant contribution that their Corporate Social investment brings to our efforts, particularly to the viability of the Pop-Up Depots. What we have created here is far greater than just a system that rewards people for diverting “trash” from the landfill or environment; we’ve created a movement, where people have come to see the value in materials they used to label “waste”, and have become deliberate in their attempt to minimize their impact on the environment. It is however, a difficult undertaking that would not be possible without the support of companies like Atwell Dalgliesh Co. Ltd. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with more local, regional and international companies and/organizations to help us further catalyze greater action and impact. “

Atwell Dalgliesh recognizes the non-availability of facilities or systems to deal with the quick, easy disposal of Styrofoam and single use plastic products, as well as inadequate public education of their handling and disposal. The Company is the main distributor of three well-known product lines: Hair care lines Soft Sheen-Carson and ORS -Organic Root Stimulator, Chem Clean Limited, an all industries eco-friendly cleaners and sanitizers. They also specialize in plumbing supplies, electrical fittings, janitorial and sanitation supplies and food distribution supplies, including compostable products. This collaboration affords the opportunity to support a local initiative, whose objective is to alleviate the impact of pollution on the island. Further steps have been taken to decrease the importation of Styrofoam products and to replace supply with eco-friendly biodegradable alternatives.

JUA KALI LTD. is a profit-for-purpose, social enterprise that addresses the inadequate/lack of solid waste management services through Resource Recovery programmes for Small Island Developing States utilizing a Circular Economy framework to develop innovative and sustainable solutions through public and private partnerships.

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