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Eat them to Beat Them!

IMH: The ‘Lion Fish’ chefs.

OVER 20 Senior Chefs, Butchers, Purchasing Managers and Distributors from SLHTA member companies received hands on training last week on the safe handling of Lionfish and its preparation.

Lionfish is an invasive species in Saint Lucia and the population has exploded in recent years. The Lionfish is a voracious predator of juvenile fishes and poses a serious threat to the future of our coral reefs and the livelihoods of many fishing villages and families.

The tourism industry continues to play its part in helping to promote incorporation of Lionfish on local menus.

For international visitors, Lionfish is a delicacy and fast becoming a part of the unique experience of our island. Encouraging consumption of Lionfish will not only help coral reefs to recover, but also support the livelihoods of local fishers.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) financed the training workshop which was hosted by the SLHTA, in collaboration with The Travel Foundation, Clear Caribbean, the Department of Fisheries and Royalton St. Lucia Resort and Spa on Thursday, 14th June, 2018. (TEF)

IMH: The ‘Lion Fish’ chefs.
The ‘Lion Fish’ chefs.

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