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We Need A Person Of Objectivity In The Prime Minister’s Chair

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

LOOKING to run an election campaign sometime ago, I was expounding my independent philosophy. I thought I did it well until a cousin of mine came into the discussion. He, at the time, stated how disenchanted he was with both political parties. He stated his stance with such energy and vigour that he would be someone I would want on my campaign platform.

One of the things that he stated that night was his admiration for Castries North MP, Stephenson King. He spoke to his humbleness, eloquence and his ability to think on his feet. He figured that he would be the right man for the job. I share his sentiments.

Recently, I was listening to King answering some questions from a reporter in regard to the St. Jude Hospital, the destruction of the Soufriere Hospital, and the health sector in general. Again, the objectivity in the man’s thinking came through. I got that he was not about the blame game and his concentration would be on delivering the needed hospital to the people of the south. Sometimes I wonder why I do not hear more from Stephenson King.

If you asked me, I am not happy with the leadership that this country has. We seem to be getting nowhere and then we have to play trial and error with the development of a nation. I hear the Prime Minister asking for three years for us to see the results of his economic rendezvous. I say he is buying time. He does not have my confidence. If I were in government, I would have by now asked for a move of no confidence in this Prime Minister.

As to what is taking Parliament so long to make such a move I do not know. I am being told that parliamentarians are afraid. I ask, afraid of what? The only thing that MPs should be afraid of is the wrath of the constituents. But, for some reason, we think that we can only speak every five years.

Many times, I have told people that we do not live in a democracy. We are deluded into thinking that we are. But what kind of democracy do we have when people are not mobilized to act and raise their voices against things that affect them negatively? We, Saint Lucians, like to complain in silence and that is what the rogue politicians like.

Parliamentarians are there to represent their constituents. We should at all times let our MPs know what is affecting us, good or bad. We should be flooding their emails, ringing their telephones, pulling them on a side when they come to funerals.
I do not think we need or can afford another general election so soon. What we need is a change in leadership and the Constitution makes provision for it.

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  1. I recall a youtube news coverage piece of then prime minister King visiting St Jude’sin the aftermath, alongside the southern district fire chief.
    My compassion for those who answer the call to serve in the medical field is truly profound having spent some of my formative years running errands throughout Victoria Hospital and the Nurse’s dormitory (albeit the lobby). I rode siren operator on some ambulance runs to remote rural areas …
    Imagine my concern as the St Jude disaster unfolded?
    My sadness was alleviated by the countenance of Hon.King as he assessed the situation. He mirrored the sadness and regret that genuine nationals of St Lucia felt. His words and body language communicated a sense that “we the people are ALL in this together.
    The pain and loss of Vieux-Fort and its Southern tier neighbors is the pain and loss of all St Lucia.
    A sense of togetherness.
    Small islands like ours must embrace this necessary nation building strategy in order to promote exponential sustainability.
    I pray that the current and future generation cultivate open democratic processes of authentic communication that turns the tide on “complaining in SILENCE” that has been a mainstay in our society since the colonial era.
    The inherited stiff upper lip fallacy of the oligarchy may have contributed to our stealthily high contemporary suicide rate 🙁
    Forward ever -backward never……….seen!

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