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Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

I WISH to refer to the opinion given by Mr. Kensley Peter Charlemagne in respect to the kind of Prime Minister St. Lucia deserves and while I don’t agree with his views, he’s certainly entitled to his own opinion.

Prime Minister Chastanet has been in office for some sixteen months and the ongoing negativity highlighted by the opposition is their role. However, we only have to revisit the decline in unemployment and the strides within the agricultural industry, in particular our banana production.

By April 2018, for the latest, the hospitality industry will create some 2,000 construction jobs while the cruise industry is bursting at its seams with SLASPA having to juggle berth accommodations on a daily basis as a result of an influx of a 30% increase in cruise arrivals.

Honourable Stephenson King is indeed an experienced Minister who was mercilessly harassed by the SLP during his term in office, thereby bringing about his demise. Presently, we have a Prime Minister, a Minister of Economic Affairs, an Agriculture Minister and a Minister of Infrastructure who have the strength and ability to stand up to individuals hell-bent on obstructing a democratic process.

St. Lucians can be assured that the destructive days with Minister King are now over, thereby protecting the constitution of St. Lucia and, by extension, addressing the ongoing decline of Fair Helen.

Michael Chastanet

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  1. I think a good way to refer to your son is Mr disrespect. He has no respect to anyone or anything. Don’t the constitution demands a deputy speaker ? Do we have one ? Didn’t he and Sarah make a mockery of the system? Behave yourself M. Chastanet. In the wake of A. Chastanet’s priministership there will be that monumental task of stitching the country back together. This man is cluless!

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