UTS Joins Hands With SLTA

PRESS RELEASE – BRINGING tennis around the island has been the main aim of the Saint Lucia Tennis Association since the opening of the Saint Lucia National Tennis Centre six years ago. It has been a challenging and demanding ride for the Association but efforts and different programmes to introduce tennis to the out-districts are still ongoing.

Skyla Murray of the National Tennis Centre said Joel Martin, Director of the United Through Sports (UTS) Organisation, contacted the Saint Lucia Tennis Association three years ago and the relationship has been productive and results-oriented since then. UTS provides volunteer coaches to the SLTA to assist with the different programmes.

The calendar for 2017 is packed with volunteer coaches mainly from the U.K. assisting with the introduction and coaching of the sport to the young and aspiring tennis players and clubs on the island. The UTS coaches also assist with the Schools Tennis Initiative and also the Outreach Programme.

Coach Hannah started off with the first leg of the summer programme in May at the Balata Primary School. Coach Jamie Inglis assisted mainly with the STI and Outreach Programme coaching at Balata Primary, Grande Riviere Primary, Dame PearletteLouisy, La Guerre Primary and Gros-Islet Primary.

He also visited the south and was able to coach Vieux Fort Primary, Laborie Girls School and was scheduled to coach the Belle Vue Primary and Grace Combined School but due to the inclement weather that was impossible.

Continuing from where Coach Jamie left off, was Coach William Pretzer, who is currently working on different private and school programmes. He is scheduled to commence working with Murray, who is preparing for the Commonwealth Youth Games in the next two weeks.

The SLTA wishes to thank the United Through Sports Organisation for sourcing and providing the coaches to assist with the programme.

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