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Vieux Fort Primary Library Gets Upgrade

THE Vieux-Fort Primary School Library has been given a welcomed facelift, compliments of Massy Stores and the Victory Pentecostal Church.

The two organizations, which worked separately on the library, refurbished it by painting it and providing it with shelves and a proper ceiling, among other things.

Principal of the school, Francis Moonie, said the intention of the initiative was to improve literacy at the school.

“We realized that there is a problem with literacy at the school. Over the years, we continue to receive students who are not able to read and write,” Moonie lamented.

He added that after an analysis was done last year, the school had decided to address its poor literacy performance.

Moonie said the books in the library, which is now restructured, were in boxes and not in order.

“The library is much more comfortable and convenient for reading,” he said.

According to him, the school is now looking at the possibility of adding more seats to its library to make it even more comfortable.

He said the teachers and students of the school are excited about the facelift the library has received.

Moonie thanked Massy Stores and the Victory Pentecostal Church for their generosity, adding that it is of immense benefit to the school.

“It will help open new avenues for the students in the future,” he said.

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  1. Blessed historic coincidence-
    Ye olde VFort Public Library was located within the current footprint of this primary school……..
    .Perhaps this is a Divine indication of where OUR NATIONAL focus ought to spearhead..
    I cannot begin to recount how libraries were my academic / career LIFE SAVERS during my college and university years.
    Young people need to have a systematic affinity with libraries- the earlier the better. Libraries in my metro area have programs where even TODDLERS are immersed in read alouds and discovery learning immersion activities.
    If only we could set up a library fund…….Aw shucks……. I am swimming in a gentle sea named IDEALISM:)

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