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US Priest Told To Shut Up Or Ship Out

Image of Michael Chastanet
Image: Father Kevin Murray (third from left, back row) at a DSH protest march outside Parliament last December.
Father Kevin Murray (third from left, back row) at a DSH protest march outside Parliament last December.

The father of the island’s Prime Minister has issued a blatant threat to an American Catholic priest who recently took part in demonstrations against the government for its ongoing deal with a foreign investor, namely the controversial Desert Star Holding Limited Project (DSH).

Image of Michael Chastanet
Michael Chastanet

In a 90-second excerpt from the talk show “Open Mike”, which aired on Sunday on DBS Television, Michael Chastanet is seen and heard speaking directly to Father Kevin Murray for the latter’s role in the demonstrations.

The video starts with Chastanet thanking Father Murray for his time spent in St. Lucia, then Chastanet goes straight into suggesting that Murray leaves Vieux Fort, where the ethnicity is predominantly black, and go back to his country of origin to take up their fight against racism, saying: “You should go back to America and take care of your own country where the slogan is ‘Black Lives Matter’”.

Following this statement, Michael Chastanet goes on to refer to the “David England Act” which was action taken by the island’s first Prime Minister Sir John Compton.

Under the immigration act which allows non-nationals to be granted visas to remain on the island and to have those visas revoked, Sir John Compton instituted what was known as the “David England Law”, which he used to expel broker David England and his wife, Jane, from St. Lucia in 1983, making them persona non grata.

However, that law was repealed by the St. Lucia Labour Party Government in October 1997 – five months after it took office — and the Englands were reinstated as “persons of good order”, even though they never returned to the island.

The senior Chastanet reminded Father Murray that he was a foreign national representing the church, and that he should stick to doing just that, warning that, “Those demonstrations you are participating in will do you no good!”

The clip was played during a daytime radio talk show on Tuesday afternoon, but shortly after it was played, the Senior Communications Officer in the Communications Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister, Nicole Mc Donald, called the talk show to say that the comments made by Chastanet Sr. were not shared by the Office of the Prime Minister, and that the said sentiments shared were in fact the contrary to the OPM’s views and mandate.

Mc Donald said: “Since taking office, we have continuously engaged in openness and dialogue with stakeholders and interest groups on issues of common concern. We welcome continued discussion from the public on all matters of development.”

Father Kevin Murray has on a number of occasions participated in and also defended his participation in demonstrations against the DSH Project, stating that he was taking an active step to stand with the people of Vieux Fort who despite being concerned about the project, say their voices are not being heard.

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  1. Are the Chastanets really this concerned about the lives of lucians or just covering themselves for what they are gaining through DSH! All Michael cares about is himself and his pocket! From what I see the Chastanets go about St Lucia as if every person owes them something! Michael has the cheek to tell fr Murray to go back to where he is from! Michael himself is a foreigner!

    1. Mr. Chastanet is truly a great son of St. Lucia. Your crude attempt to besmirch him as a foreigner is a clear indication of the boundless benightedness of your Lilliputian intellect.

      1. ‘ Mr Chastanet is truly a great son of St Lucia’ – What makes him a great son of St Lucia, the fact he is one of the islands most corrupt, the fact he has robbed and is still robbing the good Lucians , the fact he is a slave driver by not giving the hard working lucians what their worth! ,the fact he is a deceiver , the fact he was never born on the island of St Lucia! hence foreign but sure he is a great son of St Lucia , what complete bullshit ,a Great Son wouldn’t be like this.

  2. I take my hat off to Captain Mike for airing his convictions with courage. Here’s a man
    who is not afraid to speak up when he has to. Unlike some sans gwenn who talk
    a lot but lack the courage to speak up, given the opportunity to do so. St.Lucians do
    have a voice, but are intimidated by their Church, a white Yankee who has outlived
    his time on the Island. Certainly you’ve heard of the separation of ‘Church and State’
    but typical of those mainline churches that refuses to lose their grip on power, hello?
    not like the other ‘home grown Churches’ that never experienced such power.
    This man and his Trini boss have stepped out of bound; I would gladly grab them and
    ship them back to where they came from and let it be a deterrent to other miscreants
    to stay the heck out of our local belly aching Politics, we are no longer afraid to speak
    up for ourselves. Both Chastanets are Catholics and so they shall remain, but as long
    as you remain within the bounds of your duties with the Church, then you’re welcomed.

  3. A fine example of MONEY talks and BOVINE MANURE WALKS…
    .I am afraid the latter is you -CoCo SEK
    I have another well known proverbial phrase for you DRY NUT who flies o’er the Flambeauyant cuckoo’s nest sequestered in LaToc:
    In your case dry nut substitute MERE within the phrasing.
    Don’t you just love English HOMO-PHONES 🙂 Pun Intended 🙂

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