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Do Politicians Really Care?

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Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

I am happy I am not yet in wealth. I get to appreciate the hardship of the poor, like being able to leave Soufriere any time after 4:30 p.m., like buying bread and butter on a morning from the local bakery — like discovering that you can actually buy bread and peanut butter for an early morning breakfast in Baron’s Drive, Soufriere.

Government favours the rich. An example is leasing land at one dollar an acre for ninety-nine years, like trying to get rid of Miss Marjorie from her beach property in Casen Bas for hotel development. Any government that cares about its people would put more focus on agriculture.

Another area of concentration should be housing. It is unforgivable the deplorable condition under which the people of Quay Lance aka Baron’s Drive have had to live under for years upon years under successive administrations. Some of them have done well. Some of the houses look permanent, walled and well-painted. Looks like some people ain’t going anywhere but I guess the vendors on Micoud Street thought the same thing. House upon house upon house.

Government does not care about these people, not until. They are the last thought, the afterthought, if thought about at all. This is exemplified in this DSH deal. The people of Bruceville are yet to be duly and fully consulted. We have put the cart before the horse in many instances in this deal.

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The people in these deprived enclaves are only remembered around election time — or in the case of Baron’s Drive — I guess when the proposal for developing a marina on the waterfront would have been thrust on them.

In the meantime, the public baths are no comfort station. The plumbing is bad and the toilets have no seats. Some painting may be needed. I commend the attendants there who are so hospitable. Hopefully, their days of having to carry water to flush the toilets will soon come to an end. After all, they voted for betterment and, hopefully, it has come with their new representative, a worker he is.

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  1. Kensley
    Theses bums do not care about de Malaway. And I love Soufriere, that’s where I got married. That being said…. There is no “DSH deal”, let me still go further. There is no DSH project, for now it’s only a concept in development. A straw project. The leaked framed work agreement you mention, is nothing but fake news. Fake because the government did not authenticate it. I for one think is was the real thing, but that’s just my opinion. Leaking that thing worked against us. The PM simply sat down with T in London and over early afternoon tea, rehash the damn thing to quiet to this critics. A frame work agreement is just the same as a MOU. And to tease you a bit: when our 83M acres of sea bed was signed away, who was notified?

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