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Committed Sponsorship Powers U4RIA 5

Image: Vocalist Teddyson John surprised Toronto fans by showing off his drumming skills during the Season of Brass Global Tour at the Return Fete. Photo Credit: RYMedia).

FLOW, My Kind of Travel, Coco Palm Resort among the many sponsors!

WITH the clock quickly ticking towards the start of the most-anticipated music concert for the 2017 carnival season – U4RIA 5 (U5) — a long and distinguished list of corporate entities have chosen to align themselves with the innovative event.

Carded for Thursday, July 6 at the historic Pigeon Island National Landmark in the extreme north of the island, the chic and classy all-white event will feature a one-of-a-kind patron experience, largely facilitated through the unwavering support of several sponsor partners.

“We can only realize a fifth year milestone due to the sheer commitment to excellence on the part of our sponsors,” notes U4RIA team member, Dahlia Guard.

From inception, the concert series, known for its fusion of love and positivity along with its universally appealing music theme, has attracted sponsorship from several business outlets. Among those are FLOW, the official telecoms provider for the last five years; My Kind of Travel, the official travel booking engine for the past five years; Coco Palm Resorts, the official home of U4RIA artistes for the past five years; Daher Broadcasting Service, the official TV broadcaster for the past five years; The WAVE; the official Radio broadcaster for the past five years; Piton Beer and Strongbow, Duty Free Caribbean International, Blue Waters and Options Designs, creators of the official U4RIA décor for the past five years.

With its headliner, acclaimed former multiple Groovy monarch, Teddyson John, bowing out of national competition to focus on perfecting his craft, U4RIA has been able to attract a slew of new sponsorship amidst a tough economic climate. Among them are Capella Resort, First Citizens Investment, Ultimate Contracting, Grace Foods, Courts and Merchandising Plus.

West Indies Shipping, Peter and Company Distributorship, M & C Drugstore and Radio Caribbean International have over the years all partnered in sponsoring the feel-good concert.

“It’s their willingness to partner with Team U4RIA in pushing the envelope of innovation and creativity and the demonstration of their support to this vision, with solid brand endorsements, that have allowed us to achieve such heights. This, in turn, has really allowed us to position and market the brand U4RIA in a way that resonates with patrons and for that we sincerely thank and commend our sponsors,” said Guard.

The U4RIA concert series has solidly established itself and has become a must-attend signature event on Saint Lucia’s carnival calendar. Themed around LOVE, the feel-good concert is attracting increased crowds.

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