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Yellow To Yello – Caribbean Publishing Company Rebrands

Image of ROWLEY [PHOTO: By PhotoMike]

A BUSINESS brand which has served the Caribbean for many years has introduced a new product which identifies with the generation of today and hopes to build on the traditional excellence of the old.

Caribbean Publishing Co. Ltd., producer of the much-respected Yellow Pages, has now rebranded as Yello Media Group which, the company says, augurs well for the product’s future.

Image of ROWLEY [PHOTO: By PhotoMike]
ROWLEY [PHOTO: By PhotoMike]
Keith Rowley, the company’s General Manager, spoke last Thursday evening at the toasting of the company’s new chapter at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club, noting that the occasion was more than just a rebranding and logo change. He said the new product comes with new features to showcase customers in a manner that will enable them to reach the right audience at the right time.

“You may be wondering why Yello? Well, as an organization, we wanted to increase usage and relevance of our Yellow Pages product, especially to the modern adult customer. As such, we did our research and this helped us to identify three major perceptions that we realized we had to expand or reshape,” Rowley said.

He added: “We found that the Yellow Pages still had a very high awareness with older consumers in the region, which we wanted to expand. Secondly, the name conveyed the perception of only an offline directory and, third, we identified that our customers rated our service really high, but did not exactly recommend our product.”

Rowley explained that the company had to look at the opportunities that existed in a world with more technology. Consumers, he said, still looked for trusted sources, including the Yellow Pages.

“Our customers and, I dare say, consumers, still trust us to produce accurate and comprehensive local content. We have leveraged the positive brand awareness of Yellow Pages and introduced a new brand name to connect with a younger demographic. With the rebranding from Yellow Pages to Yello, we are no longer limited to one platform, the print directory. This gives us the opportunity to expand our digital portfolio and to challenge the perception that we are only in the print directory business. So Yello was born. As we launch Yello, we are unveiling a new product identity for a new generation and we do so by building on a regional tradition of excellence,” Rowley said.

The new features a clean and modern home page, opening and closing hours, universal search across all markets the company serves, types of payment accepted, editorial content, ratings and reviews, business details for example parking, wi-fi availability, among other new features.

“These innovations take us closer to our vision for the Yello Media Group. We will continue to expand our product offerings and enhance our ability to provide you with solutions that will broaden your reach and generate leads for your business,” Rowley said.

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