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Visionless Politician

HAS the Kenny Anthony/Chastanet saga ended or has it only just begun? Seven months after a general election, the former Prime Minister never saw it fit to concede defeat based on democratic principles. Anger continues to consume the former PM based on his recent comments that there will be no peace in St. Lucia if the DSH project proceeds, so we can safely assume that peace in St. Lucia will be jeopardised as the project is well on its way.

The former PM recently disclosed that he is one who abides by the constitution but history has proven otherwise when we reflect upon the Grynberg and Juffali affairs, The Helenites, Rochamell and Desert Star Holdings which were shrouded in secrecy. At this juncture, we say no more but to allow the public to come to their own conclusions.

After twenty years of representation in the south can the former Prime Minister name one sustainable job created project he can take credit for?. On the other hand we have witnessed the collapse of a thriving banana industry and the closure of the Vieux Fort port. The creation of Bruceville appears to be one area which the former PM singled out as a kind of success, but we shall allow the nation to make their own pronouncement.

How could any reasonable thinking politician stand in the way of a development which can only raise the South from a comatosed position to one of an international standard is incomprehensible but we can only imagine that one who is visionless does not predict the harm being inflected on a nation registering 40% unemployment on our youth.

The United Workers Party remains committed in respect to the development in the south and come Wednesday, a meeting organised by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce will take place in the south to apprise the folks of the area of the various details and benefits in the development. Mid-March some eighteen international investors will set foot on St. Lucia soil to provide detailed information to the people of the south and by extension the nation on their various commitments towards the US$2.6 billion development. Meanwhile, the UWP administration will continue to provide answers to the various questions from any concerned citizen.



  1. I call all what you have written “Rubbish”. You people have a way criticizing yet failing to examine those the seek to defend. I don’t know who are you although I wouldn’t bet on you being a minister in Chastanet’s thing which he calls a cabinet. Hence I will not charge you with the responsibility of bringing and finding the former PM to guilty for the crimes you mentioned. But since you are on the question of secrecy I will refer to something that happened just weeks ago name the audit carried as ordered by the so called UWP pitbull terrier Guy Joseph. Has he made public what he found? Or did he get a real slap in the face? Before calling the kettle black first check if you are a pot watch man!

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