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Recycling SLP Propaganda

Image: A design of the proposed Pearl of the Caribbean.

I have noted with interest the series of articles by Anderson Reynolds. Despite the writer’s ongoing concerns with the DSH project which is well within his perview as a concerned citizen, I remain appalled in respect to his motive in some areas. Mr Reynolds appears somewhat obsessed with the Prime Minister both as a St. Lucian and his role in government. Mr Chastanet and Dr Anthony are two totally different persons, hence the reason why St. Lucians made their choice in June 2016.

Governments are removed from office for different reasons and usually the main reason is dissatisfaction.Consequently, it is imperative that the present administration be permitted to run the government and at the end of their term, the electorate will make their own decision. The constant attacks and criticism levelled against the Prime Minister by the St. Lucia Labour Party during the last general elections merely marketed the Prime Minister and catapulted him into power and we see no reason for Mr Reynolds recycling the same kind of propaganda which the electorate clearly rejected just seven months ago.

Prior to the United Workers Party assuming office, was Mr Reynolds ever aware of DSH? Was Mr Reynolds aware of the agreement with Mr Robert Aimsworth of EQUATOR LANDS for the disposal of several thousand acres of land?

Both those projects were shrouded in secrecy similar to the Grynberg and Dr.Juffalli affairs which landed the nation in hot water. This is the marked difference between two Prime Ministers. One is transparent and the other was not, yet Mr Reynolds never makes mention of these areas. He keeps referring to “two heavyweights” within the UWP who are waiting for the opportunity to misbehave. This is nothing more than wishful speculation on the part of the opposition and their cohorts and I can only trust that Mr Reynolds does not fall into that category.

The DSH project will go ahead and so will the remaining associated projects follow suit with the required transparency. More importantly, I am convinced that sooner rather than later, Mr Reynolds will remove his blinkers and support a project which can only improve the lives of the unemployed and dispossessed.

On a final note, Mr Reynolds should revisit the discourse between Timothy Poloen and the Government psychologist (PalistusJn Louis) on News Maker Live on February 8 2017 when the psychologist highlighted specific areas of family dysfunction and criminal activity based on economic hardship which the current Prime Minister is endeavouring to address by way of direct foreign investment. —I am St Lucian

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  1. The location of Castries is more like a psychological time warp disconnect (think Star Trek) between it and the remaining 85% of the island.
    You either have to scale a precipitous promontory called the Morne or tunnel your way under to get to connect with rest of the country.
    Now there is no denying that historically there existed a haute acquired snobbery look down of residents outside the posh circle of Castries “society”.
    Folks like Dr Reynolds
    Master Modeste Downes
    Monsieur Julius James and a vast array of vanguard intellectuals with VFortian roots are massed to tear down that fabled aristocratic attitude to return StLucia as one nation loving all its geological / true cultural diversity.
    Rest assured VFort is both the spearhead and gateway that stimulates real progress via a people centered social democracy. With Vieux Fort it was always PEOPLE first.
    With Castries it has always been SHOW ME THE MONEY first and foremost.
    Now you understand WHY dr Reynold’s uses his brilliant abilities to map out the schematics of these horrific economic / social /cultural / political INJUSTICES that are being dealt to this constituency in a devious and malicious manner.
    The impingement of this malicious CONTEMPT towards VFort shall give rise to heros not unlike the legendary SamuraiShoguns of Japan.
    Your Madame Tussad Wax effigy called Poleon shall never have the ping pongs to shed clarity on the truth of this lopsided Asiatic scheme.
    Thank God Almighty we have the foremost writers motivated by truth and gifted with blessed foresight and hindsight aligned to correctly analyse this “trojan Horse.
    The wise Dr Reynolds and Mr James are warning Helen and Troy of the Asiatic Trojan Horse set in COCODAN but like the newly freed from Pharoh’s Egypt we choose to worship BAAL instead of the true God.
    Unfortunately , God has tapped of his commission of phrophets till the end of human time. Therefore it befalls vanguard heros to rise up and MAN UP …to the ramparts of ye Olde Fort.
    Rest assured we are more valiant and modern than the antiquated events at the Alamo.

    guiding Moses

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