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Former Principal Turns To Writing

FORMER Jacmel Combined School Principal Bryan Auguste who now resides in Canada has become a prolific author.

Auguste left St Lucia for Canada in 1998 after serving for several years as a school teacher and administrator. He has a Master’s degree in Educational Organization, Planning and Management from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

In Canada, he quickly found a new calling as a lecturer and motivational speaker specializing in student success strategies. His “Succeeding Against all odds: A Practical Guide to success in Examinations” was widely acclaimed.

Other books by Auguste include: “Pray through your dungeon”: “Anxious about nothing”; “Secret prayers of Job: his deliverance”; “God’s Nobel Laureate”; “Unity beyond the cricket field” and “Who is the real Oxymor”.

Auguste has also published “softer” material like “Christian Humour and Riddles”: and “Quote my quote” which contains over 200 quotes, most of them original, like “Be careful of what you eat, and be careful of what eats you”.

One of his most recent books “Lord, heal our nation” is a must-read for anyone interested in discovering causes of current and impending problems in a nation.

The book, in a unique way, proves that national problems have their roots in a country’s history, the quality of its leadership, anthems and misguided national symbols as well as misunderstanding who is the real authority.

“Lord, heal our nation” cites various practical examples explaining that change of government, new policies or economic and social programmes are not always the answers to bring about true and lasting healing in a nation. It recommends another look at the “spiritual compass” in order that the national ship may not face mutiny, go adrift, wreck or sink.

Auguste’s books are available locally. Just give him a call at 284-2385 or 451-4136. Books are also for sale at St. Lucia Books inside the Central Library. Or email him at [email protected].

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