‘Stay Focused on Zika’

Dr. Sharon Belmar-George
Dr. Sharon Belmar-George
Dr. Sharon Belmar-George

DR. SHARON Belmar-George, Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health has called on Saint Lucians to continue their vigilance in destroying breeding grounds of the AedesEgypti mosquito, especially given recent downpours, even though the country has yet to record a case of the Zika virus.

“The Zika virus is spread similarly to the Chikungunya and dengue Fever viruses, which is by the bite of the AedesEgypti mosquito so source reduction remains a priority,” she said.

George, who is one of the Ministry’s spokespersons on the viruses also points to the seriousness of the Zika virus being spread by means other than the bite of the mosquito.

“New research has also showed that the spread of the Zika virus by sexual activities is more important than recently thought…,” she said.

She wants communities that have been engaged in programmes geared at vector control to continue with such programmes.

“We are still having rainfall so check your drains, cover your drums and monitor them to reduce the threat of vector borne diseases to you and your family,” George said.

The Ministry, last month, was engaged in several community activities such as clean-up campaigns and got schools, constituency and community groups involved in several projects with a vector control theme so as to ensure that Saint Lucia remains Zika free.

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  1. We will have a major Zika epidemic in St. Lucia because in spite of the talk there is not much action. Breeding grounds are not being eliminated in many areas such as our schools. Drains are horrible. Garbage is everywhere. No one cares. What happened to the Litter law?

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