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This Station Makes Me Sick

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

SOMETIMES, I wonder if I am the only one who gets disgusted by what I hear on radio, more so, Hot FM.

Well I know, I’m not. But the deafening silence that counters (or not) the noise that radio station makes is a tsunami or cataclysmic disaster that washes away at our porous social and moral fabric. But how does a radio station like this that plays such debauchery top the market survey for listenership? What does that say about us as a people?

There is a government office responsible for issuing a licence for operating a radio station. There must be. Radio Kilibwi is no more because of political stronghold that suffocated it to death. Remember the weather system Debbie and the informative role that this station played? But I travel the public minibuses and Hot FM system seems to be a favourite. Even now they’re hitting my air waves. Yes I am on a bus. And it was on a bus a weekend ago that my dislike for Hot FM was cemented. My ride was about an hour’s journey. In fact, in a few minutes, I would have been changing buses and making that journey again.

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Lord, I prayed that I would not have the good fortune to have to listen to them again. For God’s sake, I had not had a proper breakfast and I get nauseated on long drives on a malnourished stomach, and typing on my cellphone worsens the situation.

But back to last weekend. What passes for music these days is nothing but noise and Hot FM plays a lot of it. But I was wondering whether to be vexed with Hot FM or the local artistes who make the songs they were playing. The songs are lewd. They’re raw. They are bereft of any form of creative treatment like a Sparrow’s “Congo Man”.

All the songs that I listened to were laced with sexual innuendos: “what you need is that shot.” “I put it dere, she put it out.” “Whine your waist in that position.” And that is all I heard for the greater part of an hour. It made me want to vomit. So then, I am not baffled by the embarrassing behaviour of our young in public. They pelt curses, left, right and centre at each other, have the most outrageous discussions in the open and parade themselves and their pornographic pictures and videos because weed is their best friend.

Driver, what station we’re listening to?

“Hot FM!”. Thank God his volume was low.


  1. If you sont like what you hear on the radioo then just dont listen to the radio and you should probably even get your own transportation cus my darling there are many person who dislike alot of other things which I think ia bigger than your issue n what they do is get a solution and not complain about god made everyone different if we were all the same what a world it would be and by the way you are expressing your feeli ngs is like because it doesnt sound like music to your ears you feel like it shud be removed completly.youre grown its not like you are forced to listen to hotfm so you make your adjustments so that you wont feel the way you do

  2. I thought that I was the only One with these feels yea I can agree to a point where u can’t blame Hot fm for the songs being made
    But these songs should not be playing on any radio airwaves because we young people need to be more conscious about the words we speak and the songs we sing (“all I hear on most radio stations these days is pure nastiness ESPECIALLY hot fm”) these songs should be band

  3. i quite agree with you i thought that i was the only one who felt this way as a young person it disgusts me to hear such distasteful songs on our airways especially on hotfm you get these types of music early on mornings as well as late into the afternoon and it tends to be younger people around my age group 17- 28 who likes to hear such atrocities,and then some local artiste wonder why their own local people dont support them in their local music its always about a “bordah flat,a twanche bordah,whine and jiggle” and its repeated over and over no lyric content nada. you would hear some say they like “dat music when it come down in a session gassa” i for one cringe when i hear these so called songs play especially on hotfm. hot fm do have some good music playing like their “quiet storm” segement which is great..i

  4. I always listen 2 hot fm luv dat station but yes they ova do it at tyms plays 2 much crap they need 2 play more of our old calypso where u can get clean messages out of it..

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