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Oh No Leo!

(L-R) World champions Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles. [PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville]

Saint Lucians are rightly celebrating Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles, and West Indies World Cup T20 victory. Many have not forgotten the rude (and racist?) remarks by ESPN Cricinfo journalist Mark Nicholas that, ‘the West Indies team has no brains.’ Mr. Nicholas later offered an apology for his unkind remarks.

Equally, no one has forgotten the rude and insensitive remarks by Phillip J. Pierre an experienced politician, calling Dominic Fedee a short 5ft.2in man as if a person’s height is a hindrance to success. Dominic was also referred to as a Guyanese as if that was some scary disease.

To add insult to injury Leo Clarke, Secretary of the St. Lucia Labour Party, has offered a tongue-in-cheek statement purporting to explain Phillip Pierre’s insensitive and stupid remarks. Leo Clarke should know that nothing but a full apology from Phillip Pierre to Mr. Dominic Fedee will do, as Mark Nicholas of ESPN Cricinfo did. Persons of Dominic’s height especially Caricom citizens must know they are welcome in Saint Lucia and in politics, once they come in peace and not as outlaws as some local politicians.

–True Bred Lucian.

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  1. -True Bred Lucia: you may have had a point if the person you sought to defend was not equally if not more insensitive than both Mr Clark and Mr Jn Pierre.

    You will recall TBL that to some criticism of Mr Fedee’s inability to speak kweyol he responded by saying that the language is not needed when in negotiations out side St Lucia. I notice you did not include “Born” in your name. Does that mean you were not born in St Lucia? How much of a St Lucian are you? I ask these questions because i think if you St Lucian then you must be disturb when one who has made St Lucia his home make rude remarks about our cultural identity.

    This is not an individual you defend. To the contrary you leave just where he has placed himself which is under the bus. I personally have no respect and no sympathy for this man. I resent him trying to tell me where and when my kweyol can be used. I think I know that much about kweyol. So after he has “put down” kweyol what next is on his agenda to put down? If you love and respect St Lucia and St. Lucians then cherish things St Lucian……….Mr Fedee!

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