Meet Kurtwell Felix And Nia Bretney Alfred – More Young Talent For ‘Jazz Sampler’

Image of Nia Bretney Alfred
Image of Kurtwell Felix
Kurtwell Felix

MEET two more young St Lucian musicians who will appear at this year’s Jazz Sampler.

Kurtwell Felix has been involved in music, theatre and visual art projects, both front stage and behind the scenes.

Coming from a family where both parents, Davis Felix and Adrian ‘Pat’ Albert, were active musicians, it is no surprise that Kurtwell showed a deep interest in music and the arts from a young age. That interest heightened during his years at secondary school, as he was actively involved in several musical and theatrical projects.

Although he has shown a preference for working behind the scenes, his foray into music has involved a handful of front stage activities, including solo and band performances, which included both the hotel circuit with the band 4-Ever, as well as, some private events. He has also collaborated with other artistes, such as Luther Francois, Deland St. Jules, Sisterhood, The Royal St. Lucia Police Band and Gregory Piper, to name a few.

Kurtwell has been part of a few ensemble acts and concerts, the most recent being as a member of the Rotary Calabashers, as well as a choral ensemble paying tribute to Charles Cadet with his most recent original music composition Folk Requiem at the CDF’s Tribute to Musical Icons Concert.

Be that as it may, he is a lot more comfortable behind the scenes, especially as a composer, with a few recorded original compositions under his belt.

In addition to music, Kurtwell has been involved in other artistic activities, including a handful of locally produced plays with Gemstone Productions, as well as a few visual art pieces on public display.

Kurtwell appears on Jazz Sampler 2016 as an apprentice alongside vocal master Mervyn Wilkinson.

Image of Nia Bretney Alfred
Nia Bretney Alfred

Nineteen-year-old Nia Britney Alfred started singing at the Corinth Secondary School.

Nia discovered her talent and her love for music while a student of Theatre Arts. She took part in several school shows and events including graduation. Two years ago she was a backup vocalist for the Spectrum Calypso Tent. She described this as “an amazing experience.” In 2015, she did a two-month stint as a trainee in the Entertainment Department at Sandals Regency Golf Resort and Spa. During that stint, she did live stage performances every Wednesday night, and also performed at the Resort’s Halloween and New Year’s Eve Shows.

This year, Nia takes the Jazz Sampler stage as an apprentice, under the wings of songstress, Derede Williams.

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