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Seeks Apology For IMPACS Statements.

Image of Guy Mayers
By Guy Mayers
Chairman, UWP

PRIME Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has been served with legal papers calling on him to desist from repeating disparaging remarks linking United Workers Party Chairman, Guy Mayers to 12 alleged police killings from 2010 – 2011.

Mayers also wants the Prime Minister to desist from connecting developments emanating from the investigation into those killings by CARICOM’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security to him as well.

Mayers also wants the Prime Minister to apologize for the disparaging remarks made against him, such apology to be made on terms approved by Mayers’ attorneys.

Mayers is primarily concerned with the statement made by the Prime Minister that he, Mayers, is responsible for the events or developments emanating from the fatal shooting incidents that are being propelled by Americans and Europeans, the former already having placed sanctions on the aid given to the police force, and the latter warning of similar consequences if the government does not follow due process in its prosecution of the perpetrators of the alleged killings.

It was last December at his party’s 65th anniversary celebrations in Vieux Fort that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony first mentioned Mayers as the one to be blamed for IMPACS seeing that he was National Security Minister during the time of the fatal shootings.

Mayers at the time had declined comment when asked to respond to the Prime Minister’s charges on grounds that he was seeking legal advice.

However, yesterday he told The VOICE that the Prime Minister had repeated his comments over and over even at Labour Party meetings that were streamed via the internet.

“I had no choice but to serve those papers. I have my reputation to protect,” Mayers said.

The United Workers Party Chairman is also calling for monetary compensation for what he termed “consequential damages” arising from the Prime Minister’s statements.

According to Mayers, some media houses could also find themselves being served with legal papers, although Mayers said, he has not yet made up his mind about that.

Attorneys for Mayers, Gordon and Gordon, are awaiting a response from the Prime Minister to determine their next move.


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    I have heard President Obama called ever vile name imaginable, and accused of every crime, including being a Illegal Alien, yet he is yet to file ONE lawsuit against Trump and the Talk Radio Hosts who insults him daily.

    Why is this island so, so, so different? Sort pas ne en-yen pou sort fere ? You Negroes are a pathetic bunch, calling for freedom of the Press, while suing everybody for the mentioning of your Slave-Master-Given Names.

    These frivolous lawsuits needs to be addressed by implementing laws to put an end to this constant attack upon the rights of individuals to speak freely, and voice their opinions without fear of being tied up in litigation.

  2. Virgil:

    S.O.M. – why don’t you preach that to your P.M. – who was it that sued Rick Wayne
    for slander and received a fabulous amount in recompense? Who was it who
    sued Tu-ju-su for defamation and in turn, caused him to be a servant of de party.
    We can go on, but I say that the greed for power, fame and money makes such
    mere mortals do stupid things that they come to regret later. We have politicians
    instead of striving to lift the living standards of the poor, are busy issuing Legal
    redress to each other, and they dare call this democracy. Where ignorance is bliss!!!

  3. *


    I think we are saying the same thing, which is the appropriate forum, the legislative body should address this problem of not permitting punks to muzzle Freedom of Speech as it relates to the Constitution, and if necessary adopt the required changes to the Constitution by adopting the recommendations presented by the late Susie.

    You have a computer, and can listen to the radio stations in NYC. There are the WABC 77, WOR 710 AM with individual like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, all of these host are Evil White Supremacist who have spent the past eight years disparaging the Black President with every racial epithet imaginable. I am not say that this behavior is what is needed in St. Lucia, but something should be done about these thin-skinned politicians.

    Unless there is deliberate malice on the part of the Press to libel politicians, these individuals who seek the public’s approval or rejection, should be limited as to their ability to blackmail the public into silence through litigation.

  4. S O M


  5. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity-
    the axis of evil mass communication that bushwacked the acrid desolate plains of confederate angst-
    to establish the neo fascist trump-
    as the “dark horse’ of the Tea Party extreme right.
    The great danger is that many see similarities between him and Putin. Following this erroneous line of political logic, they silently feel that he is the best foil for the adversarial Putin.
    Wheras Trump inherited his father’s modest but lucrative empire to parlay into conglomerates that can build edifices for the wealthy and casinos for losers;
    Putin on the other hand is a formidable technocrat who ushered the KGB into modernity and weathered if not championed the evolution of the USSR back to its tighter White Russia composite.
    Very few presidents of nations have comparable real life skills set as Putin. Profesor Woodrow Wilson comes to mind. Note how both presidents Wilson and Putin were most aggressive in extending and securing national boundaries- of political influence.
    Putin’s recent annexation and open hostilities with Kiev are major “chess” moves to subdue what he condemns as the poaching of Baltic states by Nato and EU.
    Trump is a whining paper tiger compared to the real mortal mauling potential of the Grizzly Bear -Putin

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