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Debunking Anti-Chastanet Fallacy

Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

EXPOSING a fallacious argument ought to bear no relationship to the origin or presenter of the argument. The application of a simple syllogism which allows one to draw a rational conclusion from two given or assumed propositions (premises) having a common or distributive middle (e.g. all cows have horns; some goats have horns; therefore some goats are cows), is a sufficient test. But keep in mind that, rational conclusions are not always scientifically correct, as the above example proves. The common or distributive term above is horn; the argument seems plausible but, its conclusion is clearly false and invalid.

Some persons make worse mistakes in their attempted syllogisms by unwisely drawing conclusions from statements that have not been properly examined and lack a distributive middle. Such persons arrived at conclusions by neither deductive nor inductive reasoning. Unfortunately, these persons are unafraid to vent their ill-founded biases and emotions in the public and social media, speaking as if their words are intended gospel! Of course such persons are bent on mischief that obeys no rules, only their skewed politics.

Take the arguments advanced by some, that Allen Chastanet is undeserving of their support as political leader of the UWP and Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. Some say he has ‘not won a seat (constituency), and that he is not an MP.’ He has since accepted an invitation from former Minister for Education and MP for Micoud South, Mr. Arsene James to replace him as a candidate in that constituency. The other illogical gibberish is that Allen’s family already holds economic power and should therefore be denied political power. Such spurious and fallacious arguments and incomplete thought processes make sense only to morons, imbeciles and nincompoops. The third and perhaps most asinine argument of all is that Allen Chastanet is a white man and that St Lucia does not need a white man at the head of its government at this time.

Let us examine these nonsensical statements in turn. First off, there is no legal or constitutional requirement, custom or practice which requires an individual to first become a Member of Parliament (MP), before seeking the leadership of a political party in Saint Lucia. The political history of this island is conclusive proof, if any be needed. In the last general elections Ausbert d’Auvergne was not an MP when he formed the National Democratic Movement (NDM), and took the builder’s hammer as his party’s symbol. And of course d’Auvergne became the political leader of his party. Then there was former UWP stalwart Therold Prudent, who was not an MP when he formed the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM). Prudent had cut short his busy schedule in North America and returned to the island in time to register his political party to contest the general elections of 2011.

Then there was the professional agriculturist – a person who seemed determined to decriminalize and embrace all of the wonderful and natural goodness in Cannabis Sativa which he saw as a crucial part of God’s glorious creation. His was called simply ‘The Green Party,’ remember him? None of these three had previously held or contested a parliamentary seat. And they were all protected by the constitution and the laws governing political parties and general elections in Saint Lucia. Allen Chastanet at least has the distinction of contesting a general election.

Allen was appointed a Senator and Minister for Tourism in 2006, by no less a person than Sir John Compton, father of the nation and first Prime Minister. When rationally examined, it will be seen that Chastanet has more legitimacy to lead the UWP into government, than any other at this time. Besides, he has the most hands-on experienced in the largest foreign exchange earner –tourism – on the island. Interestingly, the SLP is busy trying to court ‘de white tourist’ they have so maligned, without any regret for the banana industry they killed.

We now turn to the fallacy that Allen Chastanet and his family have economic power and therefore ought not to be given political power. Naïveté or, plain stupidity? Such a bland statement without further elaboration seems a paroxysm of emotion based on fear and personal insecurity of its advocates. This senseless none-sequitur is obviously spread by malcontents, dissemblers and assorted petty criminals and con-artists, using politics as cover for their lack. If we examine the accusation more closely we must ask: Whither Chastanet’s wealth? As a guide one ought to read ‘Room at the Top’ a short summary of Michael Chastanet’s life, (Allen’s father). One may also ask whether there has been any ‘giving back’ to society from the Chastanets. The evidence is there for those who care to look.

To think about it more carefully one would more likely trust someone with economic power who has been nurtured by his father to appreciate hard work. Such children are not spoon-fed as some modern-day parents with sizeable incomes, and who unwittingly punish their children towards obesity and juvenile diabetes, tend to do. Allen Chastanet has been taught the virtues of hard work, thrift and sacrifice by his father who knows it first-hand. This country needs workers and managers like Allen Chastanet and not angry, reckless and tainted ‘graduates’ in its government apparatus.

In earlier times, Saint Lucian youth were taught appropriate proverbs and lessons in morals, warning against jealousy, greed and such like vices. ‘One does not put a hungry man to share food,’ and Saint Lucians learnt not to trust hungry politicians with deep pockets, little religion and lesser morals. Evidence suggests that there are more persons entering politics today, to serve themselves rather than their constituents, or country. For example, some suggest that a ‘Chastanet-led government should ‘throw-the-book’ at anyone found to have abused Taiwanese aid funds. But who will cast the first stone? For answer we ought first to choose a leader who does not need government to feed himself and his family, or to fill an inward hunger arising from the lack of a father’s love.

The third and most ridiculous accusation is that Allen Chastanet is a white man and therefore ought not to be allowed prime minister of this poor ‘blackward’ and hypocritical island. The political education offered by the St Lucia Forum (1970-73), seems wasted or deliberately twisted by con artists and politicians, for convenience. The pride and self-confidence and acceptance of themselves for who and what) they are, that the Forum taught has not been followed up. With pride, self-confidence and better education the Forum hoped that their inferiority complex would have been a thing of the past.

Inferiority breeds insecurity and allows Allen’s opponents to play on the ignorance of party hacks and perpetuate hatred of opponents. Instead, people should be busy learning new skills to compete and survive in a globalized, competitive world. In this new world there is little time and room for inferiority. Ignorance, lack of skills, racism and religious intolerance are dying off faster than some would like. Who will teach these truths, Allen or, the SLP misfits who believe that a person’s height matters more than his character or ability in helping the island progress?

Let his opponents tremble with the fear of being exposed but the electorate would be well advised to stay calm and remember that, there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Debunking the anti-Chastanet fallacy, and moving forward as a united people, is an idea whose time has finally come.


  1. *
    There again, people of St. Lucia, you are being railroaded into a sedated condition by this mental invalid, and self-hating Negro Black Pete Josie, who has presented himself as some so-called “educated” person in this society, while this Negro along with others have expressed by commission and omission, their hatred for the people of African Ancestry.

    In mathematics there is something known as the Distributive Property and is applied as follows, 5( a + b) is equal to 5a + 5b and in the case of -5(x + y) is equal to -5x – 5y. There is another called the Transitive Property, where it states that if, A = B = C THEN, A = C. The mathematical statement is read, If “A” equals “B” and “B” equals “C”, then “A” equals “C”

    I submit that I am at a loss to juxtapose Black Pete’s explanation of his “COW” statement as being of the distributive property, but this is what happens to an individual who demonstrates illogical statements and behaviors as his way of life. Black Pete and the Shabin Rick John Wayne tells you that God = Jesus = Dead, but God ≠ Dead ? This Mathematical statement reads, God and Jesus are the same/equal, Jesus is Dead but God is not Dead??? Total RUBBISH, violating the Transitive Law of Mathematics. This is the nonsense that these brain-damaged Negroes who worship the so-called White man as their God like Black Pete and the mentally ill Rick John Wayne keep selling you as they perform their Satanic assignments.





  2. *

    I have been consistent in my admonitions about how you Lucians have been deceived by the practitioners of Satanic worship like the ignorant savages who drink human blood and eat human flesh in these so-called Christian Churches where a Naked Caucasian male is worshiped as God.

    If one observers the volatile characteristics of the Negroes Black Peter Josie and his “Second”/Sidekick Shabin Rick John Wayne, you will notice these Negroes are emotionally unstable and quick to become enraged and agitated. These Negroes are possessed by Evil Spirits flowing within the ether of their souls as they prepare to leave this life to the end of their life-journey’s destination, Hell. Their perpetual anger and agitation is the result of these Negroes inabilities to ever becoming like their Caucasian God, with pink skin, thin nosed and blue eyed and blond hair.

    These Negroes walk around waving the Homosexual King James’ Forgery of the Divine Scripture, called “Holy Bible”, and telling everyone with an ear, “I AM ROMAN CATHOLIC, AND MY GOD IS THE NAKED WHITE MAN” nailed to the electric posts.. Again, you were warned repeatedly and today we are witnessing the true defects of the ones claiming to be worshipers of God, “DEY-PARLEY” accusing each other of killing people to pay Lucifer to win Electoral Politics.

    Of Course, the top prize goes to the Master Guy Joseph who claimed that the recent suicides were payments to Lucifer, similar to what the Satanic worshipers Rivas, and Linus Clovis claimed was done by God to pay Satan with his precious blood to save us from Lucifer who had captured humanity from God. So God killed himself to pay the price and pay the ransom to Lucifer, even though Satan has kept us, so we are all born from the womb with the mark of Lucifer, known as Original sin, of course this is a total lie and fabrication of Lucifer himself.

    Today Allen Chastanet along with his minions have attempted to deceive all the people of St. Lucia with boldface lies, and telling callers of radio programs that the stations’ instruments only work when English is spoken, and telling Lucians that Donald Trump will allow them to enter the United States without a Visa. The only people who support the UWP are the most degenerate of Lucians, John Wayne best known for his performance as a naked Stripper for English deviant homosexuals ans Black Peter who is an Out-of-Closet Misogynist of the Black female.

    Josie and Allen tried to kill Richard Frederick by sticking poison pins in a picture of Richards with Voodoo.




  3. Peter de la BONKERS Josie/

    Another 4th down and 10 at the Chas Inc. 20 yard line (they were gifted with with a touch back from the zesty kick off boot of the SLP team)
    The impatient UWP Yellow Jac Stingers huddled nervously as their “Brokeback” co captains Rickety D-wayne (ball place & holder)
    & Peter (StaggerLee) Josie (punter);
    line up for the punting equivalent of a hail mary.
    Last week’s dual line up of papa and son in the Voice –sidelined Ole Pete’s Saturday offensive position at the trough ☺.
    This week, Chas Jr ‘s pic / article is sitting on Josie’s face in the opinions column.
    As he prepares to punt, his manic depression vacillates between-
    Feeling like a BUTT-HEAD 🙁
    (note the position of Josie’s face UNDER Chas’ butt-in opinion articles listings}
    this week}
    and like a dejected second class (inferior) SNAKE HEAD
    (for being sidelined when both the father & son hogged the media last week}.
    Even your quickie Thursday safe face puppet consolation- albeit amdst the massive glow of cricket-mania, fell below the pale.
    HHUT! HUT! or was it Hurt 1 – Hurt 2,
    Josie heard the quick staccato from the quarter back (Mayers De Lapo)
    Rickety D-wayne did place the ball but with a still wet finger from……………….?
    Consequently, staggerLee Josie punts a brick ball.
    Immediately, the ever vigilant FREE SAFETY-SOM,
    Intercepts Peter Josie’s mathematical ineptitude
    (again disgracing VFort Boys Primary and Mr Johannes in particular – as recipient of countless free after school hours of math prep to enter Saint Mary’s College….n’est pas?)
    And the NASA class mathematical precision of THE SOM,
    jogs a precise MATHEMATICAL diagonal to the corner of the end zone for a GAME winning-TOUCHDOWN!!!
    As jubilant teammates ring around him, The SOM proclaims “VICTORY IS OURS!!!!”
    Somewhere in the audience, an elated Dassault Mirage woops and hollers: GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!! in intense BAHIA, Bazil syncopation…..
    Oh Yeah!!!

  4. Pete ole boy
    Your bumbling math contrapositives were a most singular embarrassment to all the parish of Vfort who have sung academic praises to the legacy of intellectual gurus, Stanislaus, Johannes et al (these accolades stem from your own book and is verified by many who I have chatted with while conducting research in the diaspora).
    But then you do not give a crap about your birthplace…….
    (perceived political disloyalty ????)…………
    except for the obligatory traditional socials-within the confines of the familial and or FREE BOOZE 🙂
    Bets are near even that the SOM will have you strapped in an Arianne Rocket at the French spaceport in Cayenne with a trajectory for Planet Mercury (no you cant make a giant slushy Rum & coke with its ice rings)
    or strapped to my gurney for triage at Latock with eventual transfer to Rockland Psychiatric Center, NY.
    NICE TRY with your demented fusion of GOAT and COW horns.
    That unbearable STENCH of your father’s GOAT pen has had a profound catharsis which did not receive the required intense psychotherapy it required. What with colonial priorities and a meager health systems budget
    -Cows were far more acceptable-widespread with positive $$$$ collateral trading values than goats in the west-euro centric plains of VFort.
    The diminutive goats are associated with fabled trolls wheras Mary’s spotless lamb gets to share a kindergarten class
    In some tribal regions many cows in a dowry can earn you a princess class virgin bride wheras many goats sans une boeuf or deux will not earn you even a reformed -jamette as bride.
    Beef is king of the global golden arches
    In early America some European settlers used cow dung as roofing and fuel agents.
    Goat urine is so ….yikes, that it has been used to ward off other scent /territorial animals.
    Oh how I wish you would decant those goats-herd-keeper vignettes within the matrix of a psychological evaluation.
    As you scoured for sea grapes along the Atlantic flank of Beane Field did you gaze up at the lofty Moule a Chegue and dream of distancing yourself from that pungent stench in the goat pens.
    Or did you envision a forgotten machine gun atop the abandon USAF earthen hangar with which you could slaughter all the goats. Thus ending the assault on your nasal airwaves and your hypersensitive aversion to your perceived lowered socio economic status.
    As a humanist , I do empathize with the abnormal challenges you encountered with girls- early on. Did they label you santee or stinky?
    Its all good now – as you cash in as hired STINKBOMB hurler for Chas Inc.
    Do you know that the same hibiscus flora used as shampoo by those pesky gils who tormented your fragile ego, when crushed and mixed with carbolic soap releases both dirt and stench with a lubricated after glow & fresh scent?
    But you found bay rum and even cheaper accessible white rum as a cleanser.
    And as you sulked with contempt and social animosity,
    you schemed of ways to ease your self loathing pain and perceived peer ridicule (stinky)
    You tasted the quota of grog – that rut you were allowed to sanitize with.
    Soon you discovered its mix with lime hides the scent of both rum and goat on the breath.
    The young goat herd keeper was on his way to forming deceptive schemes to raise his deflated self esteem-a lifelong toiling in the manner of mythical Atlas in Chains.

  5. Pete ole boy
    You stated that you were born on the New Dock Road- a thoroughfare that in your day brimmed with pious residents. Teachers , nurses and doctorates have lived there.
    How did you evolve into a world class pimp?
    Perhaps the goat herd and your diminutive fragile ego can shed some Rickety Star Fade out on this developmental milestone?
    Well, I won’t bet on it.
    Perhaps WHY offers a better angle of incisive enquiry.
    New Dock Road was also like Harlem’s 125th street “Cotton Comes To Harlem” Th0rough-fare”
    SO, you were raised near where the hospital (think vulnerable pregnant young women)
    converged with main shopping street and the fishmonger jetty.
    When did your deceptive scheming (think goat herd potential -hidden from daddy-income) kick in to bypass the typical route of normal boy girl relations.
    Was it that first baby kid goat you promised that pregnant 16 year old banana worker as her daily source of milk, butter and cheese for her new arrival in return for regular bouts of affection.
    Or, when you successfully exchanged the carcass of a goat for some prime whole tunas at the jetty which you then traded for a steady supply of baked goods from the local bakery.
    Then using that abundant access of on demand baked goods to woo the hungriest subset of girls who lived in poverty?
    I know they were grateful for your bread cakes but did you have to go over the edge with spiking their squash with your rum.
    Those Atlantic facing sea grape trees did provide adequate cover and natural ambiance for your early procured romps?
    With only lust in your mind and easy exploitation via the contemptuous goat herd you matriculated from buying vulnerable nooky to selling dependent on you (via covert goat herd enterprise) and rum; vulnerable p-o-o-n_tang to the weekly ships berthing at………wait for it…..New Dock
    I truly believe that your belief in the power of everything white was communed with the ALL white Banana boats where you made easy and lucratve connections with the transient MATLOWS.
    Conversely, this early pimping forays permeated your devaluation of AFROCENTRIC females- permanently.
    Your acquired pervasive racial BIAS was confirmed by the majestic sense of power that you beheld as an RC acolyte.
    You studied with awe and internalized in amazement all the mystical rituals executed by the priests. I know Guy has probed you closely about said rituals in his quest to align his occult practices.
    You learnt to take covert samplings from the Sunday cash offerings, sample the fine imported foods and liquors at the presbytery.
    You marveled at all that power, influence and rich lifestyle exuded by your RC parish priest.
    White was right and all powerful. You were going to bask in that halo -4 life.

    One more of your Beane Field related assertions to settle.
    You stated that the shooting of a worker by MP over a loose dog was your political career awake-ning.
    Was that a Jehovah Witness style piece of goatwash?
    I propose that your upstart was the local CYO!!!
    Your well developed (manipulative) interpersonal interaction skills as a young pimp and presbytery hustler
    ( come to think of it both you and Ricky are well suited to write /publish a caribbean version of HUSTLER magazine)
    found verdant / fertile opportunities to hone your deceptive abilities…
    Yessir the Catholic Youth Organization found their Guy and thats the reason why the chant
    (CYO passa weemeh) is patently false.

  7. You know Peter boy, no one can accuse you not trying but this mighty last effort of yours is a bit late. You should have taken your own advise years ago and give your then opponent for the Vieux Fort seat great respect. But no in your own delusional mind you told yourself he was a walk over and he beat you and he beat you bad.

    Now instead of being the father of the house of parliament – whether on the opposition bench – you roam the streets of politics like an urchin scavenging and prone to mischief. It so sad to see one who awoken a progressive politics in so many both at home and abroad be reduced to such insignificance. Might it not be better to quietly fade into the background ?

    Honestly the argument that since Golden Balls is businessman he is unsuitable to be prime minister is not one I have heard. What I have heard is that those in his position find it very difficult to see things from the point of view of the sufferer. I am sorry to say Golden has a big task convincing me that he is on the side of little man. Up to now I have seen nothing in his actions to suggest that. For example lets take a look at working conditions in his super markets: are working conditions there better than those of other similar work places? Whats about the pay? if the answer to these questions are not good then as far as i am concerned Golden Balls falls flat on his face.

    1. BOUJON GUIYAVE, I do not know who Golden Balls is, but I assume that you are referring to Allen Chastanet. I do not know that he operates a super market but I believe that you are again referring to his father Michael. Since you are such an authority on working conditions, maybe you can give Chastanet some idea on how to create that, although I believe that the workers’ union have already done that. You talk about pay, should this not be for the government in power to have a scale of wages for workers in Saint Lucia? Practically everything in Saint Lucia is imported from the USA. Try converting the US dollar to that of Saint Lucia, then apply insurance, freight and handling charges, Chastanet needs to make a profit to pay his employees, and have you forgotten the imposition of VAT by the Government ? Get your facts straight before making those comments. I suppose you believe that Chastanet is also responsible for Price Control.

      1. GENE:

        The first thing I take notice of during correspondence, is the Slave Identity of the Negro. There was a disgraceful Negro named TOM TOM who felt so good as the property of Thomas, he called himself a slave twice; UNCLE TOM TOM. This disgraceful sambo expired in a basement fire at his sister’s basement in NYC.

        If you are capable of utilizing your intellect, you would have noticed that the Names (Son of man and Dassault Mirage) stand in stark contrast to slave names like RICKY JOHN WAYNE, AND PETER HOEZAI/JOSIE, DEREK WALCOTT; In the case of the sick, impotent, mentally ill Negro John Wayne, he found the name Carasco was not “WHITE ENOUGH” and the mental illness drove the negro to thinking that calling himself John Wayne would endear him to his Caucasian God and Master, BUT THANK ALLAH MUCH FOR KENNY ANTHONY, THESE NEGROES WERE CASTRATED with such dexterity, KENNY earned a double major: an MD and PhD in Jurisprudence, leaving the two Negroes perpetually spitting into the wind.

        These Negroes are antiquated relics and Public Enemies, telling us to forget our history even as the Jamaican Queen and Dr. Anthony demand justice from the Pirates and the end to this Caucasian woman as the African Queen, leaving the honorary whites with their pale white women, with their lacking dimensions: P.M. demands Reparations from the Slave Master David Cameron, P.M. of England.




  8. Peter Josie, in writing this letter, if your goal was to ruffle the feathers of those two manufactured specimens, (Son of man and Dassault Mirage) you have done admirably. I have never seen anyone spew such garbage when commenting on an article written by a man who has served in political office.



  10. Dr Optical:

    Unless the people of St. Lucia understand, and those who are conscious of the vicious backwardness, or retarded mindset of the self-hating impostors like a mentally ill Negro Rick John Wayne, a Black Pete Josie, and a Derek Walcott who go around masquerading as educated and enlightened, even as they behave like trained dogs, worshiping a Naked Caucasian male as their God and Saviour, eating his flesh and drinking his blood like cannibals, and praying to Dead people, while thinking that such acts of savagery will bring them good fortune and eternal happiness.

    It is essential therefore, that we understand the meanings of what is meant to be “EDUCATED”, Which begs the question concerning the citizen who is only able to converse FLUENTLY IN KWEYOL, speaks NO ENGLISH, yet is able to prescribe botanical medications for the ailments acquired from being ‘educated’, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating Pork, Booden, indulging in sodomy, and being afflicted with A.I.D.S. etc. Albert Einstein said this of Education:

    “ It is essential that the student acquires an understanding of, and the lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and the morally good. Otherwise he – with his specialized knowledge – more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person.” – Albert Einstein

    I don’t care how well you understand the dynamics of Quantum Mechanics, or your mathematical dexterity with the Differential Equation, or your versatile application of Thermodynamics, if you perceive your God as a Pale skinned Caucasian male with blue eyes and dead blond hair, you are nothing but a sick and mentally ill dog. It should be obvious, I am not seeking to engage in some kind of superficial Popularity Contest, knowing that the mental damage inflicted upon the Black man is ubiquitous, and if, like the hypocritical politician, I were in pursuit of such superficial ornaments, I would simply say, “Jesus is my Lord and my God” hang a cross with a cadaver of a so-called Whiteman around my neck, and commit suicide like this bogus God did on Good Friday.

    Here’s what I am guided by: Surah Al-Hajj

    Knowest thou not that Allah knows all that is in heaven and on earth? Indeed it is all in a record and that is easy for Allah. (70) 

    Yet they worship, besides Allah, things for which no authority has been sent down to them, and of which they have (really) no knowledge: for those that do wrong there is no helper. (71) 

    When Our Clear Signs are rehearsed to them, thou wilt notice a denial on the faces of the Unbelievers! They nearly attack with violence those who rehearse Our Signs to them. Say “Shall I tell you of something (far) worse than these Signs? It is the Fire (of Hell)! Allah has promised it to the Unbelievers! And evil is that destination!” (72) 

    O men! Here is a parable set forth! Listen to it! Those on whom besides Allah, ye call cannot create (even) a fly, if they all met together for the purpose! And if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly: feeble are those who petition and those whom they petition! (73) 

    No just estimate have they made of Allah: for Allah is He Who is strong and able to carry out His Will. (74) 






  11. Gene Smith
    You are no Gene Autry –the singing cowboy.
    Smith? there is no Wesson trigger for your fingers
    (hey…April is poetry and Jazz Month)
    Perchance. Charles –
    who, along with Ricky endorsed Josie’s book
    And ridiculed moi for not decloaking in this political skirmish!
    Would a Romulun bird of prey decloak prematurely within dogfight parameters of the starship Enterprise?
    Maybe Gene Smith is a veiled Josie…or Ricky?
    Anywho it is the same lair of vesper vipers…n’est pas?

  12. So Gene you call it “garbage” heaped on a has been political pretender.
    Reagan was an average Hollywood actor..Republicans made him their mouthpiece and official ANTI Social Programs stamp…did he qualify as a real political wit ROFL ☺
    Our Texas Cowboy Bush Jr. ….
    Spent the Clinton surplus like a Crack addict on steroids… was he a political wit
    Your man Chas can’t tell the difference between the War of Independence and the Civil War
    But knew how to spend money FRIVIOUSLY as tourist shoedin minister….
    You really think he has better acumen between the ear lobes ….than Bush or Reagan?
    The well being of the masses of ordinary Saint Lucian folks matter enough to allow born with a silver spoon –rich boy to run away with our public Coffers.

  13. Shattered Dreams: A Political Odyssey in Port-Independent St Lucia – Google Books Result

    Did you say GARBAGE Gene-na-lo la brigita Smith?
    Let’s recycle and reuse from Peter Josie’s own jaw.
    – I was a goat herd keeper as the only boy in the household.
    Now given the location of his stated homestead New Dock Road as in terrace over the Mang- the only available pen areas for goats and grazing cows was the abandoned Beane Field.and other.
    The circular earth hangars with shady trees offered the best areas for pens-
    The location of josie’s residence was at the crossroads of vigorous commerce, black market activities- it was the gauntlet to the jetty , chastenet and JG, hospital, jetty, rc church, boys school, the calvary hill, the hotel by the jetty , the beaches
    Yes a vulture would be proud of said perch…n’est pas?
    Got meat, milk, butter can be traded for anything.
    a disheartened stinky dejected boy can find incredible advantages of exchange with precocious girls, vulnerable girl, experienced girls ………..

  14. Gene na-lo-la-brigita-Smith
    Here is another set of interesting facts providing profound psychological data on the puppet known as Peter Josie.(from his own memoirs book!!!!)
    -His father engaged favorable AFTER SCHOOL tutoring with Educational GURU Mr Thomas Johannes- Who, upon return from studies at Cambridge & Oxford Universities became Ministry of education (Ed CZAR ) for the southern district. WOW!!!!
    How many of his peers enjoyed such privileged preparation to enter Saint Mary’s College?
    His father must have invested handsomely to secure the lofty academic perch of SMC for his only son….n’est pas
    _BUT what does the young pimp hustler do with such socio economic opportunity?
    Lesson #1 of all drug dealers & pimps : NEVER BE ADDICTED TO THAT WHICH YOU ARE PEDDLING.
    The most successful dealers and pimps (except for initial breaking in violent dominance to register their potential for ruthless punishment) in clinical interviews typically state that they never use or depend on their drugs or jamettes.
    The early onset of a GORGERE career in SOAKING WET (rum) harbor town VFort was maintained by easy cheap access. Make pals with the local street vagrant drunk and he buys your pint
    (underage and social class closet dynamics preclude presence in cabaway)
    in exchange for a nip.
    Consequently, upon arrival at SMC (then the only top ranking male academic bastion and assured key to local high socio economic opportunities and ranking) the pimp saw opportunity in all the eager overzealous adoring GIRLS IN WAITING to snag a shark to the altar.
    Rum, easy availability of sex and FRENCHEES (prophylactics) tend to discombobulate in the frenzy of lust driven copulation.
    Drunk Josie was addicted to LUSTY POWER.
    His trophy will grace the mantle to prove hat he was heterogenous, viral like the sagging boys from the higher socio economic perches of Castries. No humble pie eating former goat herd keeper from the bacadere backwaters of VFort.
    In his eager beaver impatience for mounting the gilded social class ladder –
    JOSIE IMPREGNATED an innocent girl.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wer’e talking extreme conformity of females by fathers circa very early 1960’s..n’est pas?
    A near right to exile or shoot the offending interloper as influenced by strict prevaing RC censorship of the decade.
    Somehow a dowry was arranged by Josie’s father.
    Josie cut short his A Level trajectory at SMC and took a job to support his UNPLANNED impregnation
    Genie Smith these are va-genial facts gleaned from online chapters of his book Shattered Dreams: A Political Odyssey in Port-Independent St Lucia – Google Books Result
    Take a free read, please.
    Mr Thing should have spent the time and money in psychotherapy instead, seriously!!

  15. Clinical Psychologists utilize the vignettes surrounding key developmental milestones in tandem with the QUALITY of pertinent relationships as vital data to assess/construct a personality profile.
    Gene Smith with the the assuredness of the lead Vietnam soldier in the Movie Deer Hunter you could take my Glock to your head betting that Peter Josie has an ABNORMAL PYSCHOLOGICAL personality….
    Go ahead ….press my trigger…CLICK! Click … verified..OUI!

  16. Gene-a-lo-la-brigitta Smith
    You are some hysterical pisser:
    🙂 Josie ruffles the feather’s of true warriors 🙂
    She -man, you best believe that the most Peter can ruffle are ice cubes in his GIN & Tonic…verite!
    I know you have come to an erroneous conclusion when you equate the plumes of my ceremonial Shaka Zulu Head drress with that of the Avian species.
    Could a rooster take on the fangled hyenas @ Flambeau LLC subsidiary of Chas Inc.?
    Some years ago the Chief Administrative Judge of all New York trial Judges was a full blown Paranoid Schizophrenic . He took his regimen of meds -and no one in the public knew . That is, until he lost
    it over
    his sexy socialite lover.
    BOTTOM LINE Peter Josie
    shares the same
    psychotic classification.
    If you do not have a clear understanding of Josie’ss early life, the social milieu of his hometown VFort in the 50’s
    -as the one provided to me b parents, uncles, aunts and extended family circle;
    then you really do not know
    The disgruntled goat herd\
    keeper is where his entire
    life met its
    ‘event horizon’
    2 -3 courses in Abnormal
    psychology will suffice to tool you with
    the ability to analyze Josie-
    he fits his psychotic
    classification- like a
    jamette in her favorite
    in her favorite Friday
    night Lycra Spandex
    cat suit- yuh betcha!

  17. Gene Smith
    We can safely assert that the majority of fathers in 80+% RC dominated Stlucia of Josie’s formative years were as strict with their children as conservative Hasidic Jews and harbored near machismo attitudes found in Catholic dominated Latin American Countries.
    In fact the great Colombian Laureate Gabriel Marquez best illustrates this macho personality trait in his famous novel ”
    A DEath Foretold”.
    Imagine the “High Noon” tete a tete showdown between two industrious ambitious fathers confronting
    LOSS of Higher socio economic clout/ perch
    LOss of Female virtue
    Loss of Parental HONOUR
    – to say the least.
    Fortunately, the typical lethal consequences practiced in Gabriel’s super Macho Colombia were averted in Josie’s case.

  18. Pete ole boy
    Lets review tidbits of theoretical literature for clarity into your bio father disillusionment with your Saint Mary’s College MELTDOWN!
    “This rejection is to be expected based on Erich Fromm’s theory of conditional love. Fromm believed that the love a child receives from his or her father is conditional and hinges on the behavior of the child, unlike the unconditional and unvarying love of the mother. A child can do no wrong in the mother’s eyes, but is constantly being monitored by the father. Fromm declared, “…fatherly love has to be deserved, that it can be lost if one does not do what is expected. In the nature of fatherly love lies the fact that obedience becomes the main virtue, that disobedience is the main sin – and its punishment the withdrawal of fatherly love” (Fromm 43). A father can, therefore, control a child to the extent that the amount of love a child receives is directly related to the obedience of the child.”

  19. Pete
    Let’s go back even earlier
    (The psyche strategies practiced by most RC parents (circa the formative years of Josie and Ricky) were Shame /guilt /corporal punishment.
    So let’s examine the theoretical discourse for clarity on the emergence of abnormal narcissism in the psyche of JOSIE and RICK
    “According to Freud, primary narcissism involves two original love-objects: oneself [sich selbst] and the woman who is one’s nurse [das pflegende Weib]—that is, mother or her “substitute” [Ersatz] (XIV, 88; X, 153-54). The indistinctness of the self loved in primary narcissism, as well as the substitutability of its objects, are essential points in its analysis, as Freud makes clear when he draws out a schematic view: “A person may love… [a]ccording to the narcissistic type: (a) what he himself is (i.e., himself), (b) what he himself was, (c) what he himself would like to be [was man selbst sein möchte], (d) someone who was once part of himself” (XIV, 90; X, 156).[30] Pointing out that the inclusion of (c) can be justified only later in the essay, Freud then works toward this justification in his discussion of the “ego-ideal.”
    The formation of an ego-ideal [die Idealbildung] is a necessary feature of Freud’s account of how people recognize [anerkenne] cultural and ethical ideas as binding on them, and so submit [unterwerfe] to their demands (XIV, 93; X, 160). He writes that when, later in life, one is “disturbed by the admonitions of others” [durch die Mahnungen gestört], one seeks to recover the narcissistic self-satisfaction of childhood in the new form of an ego-ideal, what one would like oneself to be (XIV, 94; X, 161). What he projects before himself in this phantasy, Freud writes, is a “substitute for the lost narcissism of childhood” [der Ersatz für den verloren Narzißmus seiner Kindheit] (XIV, 94; X, 161), or an exchange of narcissism for “homage to a high ego-ideal” [Narzißmus gegen die Verehrung eines hohen Ichideals eingetauscht] (XIV, 94; X, 161-62).”)

  20. Now pete
    Let us sandwich your Pysch sexual libidinal wolfing of that innocent girl’s ‘MUFFIN’ (circa SMC) resulting in her untimely pregnancy
    (an event as disturbing for your father as is the current pregnancy of the 10 year old on our national moral conscience)
    Fromm and Freud’s theories.
    Voila, your climatic slicing of virginal buns becomes the wATER SHED psche event that cascades your pschotic profile.
    I wonder at her chronological age-then
    You still wear that ejaculatory smirk on your ole goat countenance!

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