City Violence Mars Cricketers Homecoming

Image: Sammy and Charles are mobbed in the Mabouya Valley in Dennery.
Image: Sammy and Charles are mobbed in the Mabouya Valley in Dennery.
Sammy and Charles are mobbed in the Mabouya Valley in Dennery.

AS proud Saint Lucians celebrated Tuesday’s return of the island cricket heroes Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles from their cricket victory at the ICC World Cup T20, a small number of individuals were up to no good.

Whilst thousands came out to pay homage to the two cricketers who made history in India over the weekend, at least two incidents involving violence were witnessed.

One of the incidents was allegedly due to rival gangs and the other which was witnessed by staff of The VOICE occurred after a verbal altercation.

During this incident which took place shortly after 9:00 p.m. along Micoud Street , one of two men who was having a heated verbal exchange, pulled out a knife.

This prompted a number of policemen both in uniform and plain clothes to draw their firearms in an attempt to defuse the situation.

This action in turn, caused hundreds of witnesses who were leaving the Derek Walcott Square, where the activities honouring the cricketers were being held, to flee out of fear.

One witness said: “You don’t know who is who. All I saw was a long knife and guns so I ran away as fast as I could.”

Another said of the earlier gang activity: “People in Saint Lucia can’t even go out to have fun anymore man. Everywhere you go, some stupid little boys and their stupid attitudes just come and end everything.”

It is unclear whether any individuals were physically hurt during the altercations.

Elsewhere in Saint Lucia the atmosphere was joyous as hundreds turned out along the route to greet the cricketers as they travelled from Vieux Fort to the capital.

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  1. the police should shoot that stray dog who had the knife.
    it is time that people take the justice system into their hands when those stinkers playing bad-boys pull out weapons and foc******around. feed them 2 the maggots .

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