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Stop Insulting US, Mr. P.M.

THE endless underhand, covert doings of the Kenny Anthony government must stop and so must the associated, consequent insults which he hurls at our citizens time after time after time. He has gone too far with his latest in-your-face action regarding the diplomatic father-daughter package – a family affair! I tell you, nothing they can give us can ever make up for the most precious gift Kenny Anthony has handed Juffali, that Saudi billionaire. You check it? Poor little St Lucia giving such a precious gift to a billionaire.St Lucia in return getting nothing from him.

I heard the statement over the news that the lawyers for the Saudi billionaire’s wife, requested St Lucia’s Prime Minister to lift the legal immunity status granted to Juffali so that the wife can go ahead and fight her case on even turf in the UK. Kenny D Anthony responds that he cannot do such a thing – and here comes the crux of the insult to our intelligence – because it is a civil matter and he does not want to get involved! How dare you make us out to be so clueless, Kenny? As if we do not know or even cannot figure out that the whole divorce affair and ensuing civil matter was the precise basis on which you were able to strike this deal with the Saudi billionaire and the precise reason that you handed him the generous present of legal immunity through making him a diplomat of our country, St Lucia. You were involved before the fact, and you were the designer and manufacturer of the diplomatic immunity package for Juffali.

How dare you think you are talking to fools! Also, how dare you hide the appointment from us once again, just as you have done with so many other things. What do you think we are? Your chattel, to do what you want with us? How dare you, Kenny D Anthony!

Many hope and pray that this, along with your usurped Grynberg authority and your vote-catching election jobs for the boys four-lane highway and the totally mishandled IMPACS report, and the not so subtle autocracy that you are growing in this country, will be your election undoing. You and others and all your other gargoyles and puppets who see it as your God-given right to trample on the people of this fair land and haul it into disrepute, will be in the same boat. This unethical act is so low down, and the people of St Lucia do not deserve to have you put them in such messy business. You are supposed to be setting the example for the people you purport to lead. This infamy has got to stop in this country. It is scandal after scandal after scandal, and failure after failure after failure and excuses after excuses after excuses, yet all of a sudden because you see your demise unfolding before your eyes, you tell us that the economy which we all know is in tatters, is quite suddenly, out of the blue, showing signs of turning around. In your mouth, Kenny!

St Lucians cannot put you back in power to continue to trample on us with even more intensity. They know what they must do. You are destroying this country left, right and centre. What do you intend to leave us with? Nothing? No hope? No confidence? No self-respect even?. Last elections you again indulged in your habit of lying to the people of this country, saying that you would step down after three years, but you are still there. And if St Lucians commit the grave sin of further punishing themselves by placing you in power again so that you can then instal your chosen one, , a carbon copy of yourself, it would be just like having you there controlling things forever and ever. No! No! No! The ‘’stupid’’ people of St Lucia, as you clearly think we are, know exactly what we have to do to get you off our backs.

You have outlived any shred of usefulness and decency which you may have had at one time. This state you have put us in: falling from largest economy in the OECS to the smallest, dropping in Ease of Business rankings, drowning in unemployment, youth unemployment at 50%,. All can see that your policies, if you ever had any, have simply not worked and are still not working, and will not work, and you are just not as smart as you and your puppets think you are, Kenny. In the eyes of the majority of St Lucians, you are a colossal failure and we cannot afford to keep you in power. In any case, we believe you should be punished for dropping us way down into the doldrums as you have done.

‘’Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! I will inject $100,000,000 into the economy immediately I get in! ‘’ In your mouth, Kenny! So, how you planning to trap St Lucians this time?

— Disgusted St. Lucian


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