Northwest Raises Its Levels of Customer Service

Northwest Raises Its Levels of Customer Service

Northwest Raises Its Levels of Customer Service

RECENTLY the issue of workplace productivity in Saint Lucia has been of central focus as the island attempts to deal with attitudes to work, customer satisfaction and national development as affected by these issues.

Poor workplace productivity not only affects the ability of the business to remain competitive but manifests in negative attitudes towards its brands, as well as fostering a poor work and customer environment.

Northwest Limited recognized the challenges in productivity specifically in the delivery of services in its Parts Department and over the years have devoted specialized focus on creating the culture of responsiveness to clients and customer care.

Given that Northwest is a representative of four worldwide reputable brands, namely Ford, Kia, Mazda and Isuzu the responsibility for customer satisfaction, particularly after sales brand support, is a critical part of every employee’s daily function. Additionally the ability to inspire the confidence of the external trade support from body-shops or trade mechanics, is a cornerstone to the reputation of Northwest as a reputable partner and supplier of a quality product.

Northwest Raises Its Levels of Customer Service

Over the past year specialized training in the delivery of parts service, as well as the upgrades in customer training meant that the delivery of service was more effective and the experience of the client has fostered even more frequent business. These positive reactions have been expanded towards the attitudes of the brands as some of the most reputable local mechanics and body-shops have now become positive ambassadors of the brands represented by Northwest.

“The simplicity of providing a caring and quality customer service is directly related to the ability to deal with clients in a timely manner…. people want to be treated with care.” commented the Parts Manager, Mr. Mahesh Mani. “When someone is without the use of their vehicle, their whole mobility is affected, and we just try our best to make it as short as possible.”

Given the current economic challenge with extreme competition both for business and work the most constant call to action is the increase in actual work provided over a given time period. Northwest has found that as employees are trained in various departments, empowered to take responsibility and held to account for their actions, that the productivity rate improves as well as job satisfaction and client approval.

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