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No Turning Back

Mary-Juliana-Brice2EVERY day is different, and no matter how much we enjoyed a particular day, we can never turn back in an attempt to undergo the very same experience. Life is all about moving on, no matter what or how we would like to keep something in place, as we enjoyed it so very much.

I am sure that quite a lot of people would like to turn back and remain safe in whatever good matters they had experienced before, but this can never happen. We must try to be positive, careful, enthusiastic and enjoy each day with whatever that has been ordained for us.

Sometimes, when someone recognizes a mission they would like to achieve, and would like to be successful in that situation, they begin to move briskly on, so that their plan can be achieved. Why then should you ever consider turning back to do the same thing over and over? If one decides to continue and do the very same things, they somehow remain in the same zone, and there are very little signs of improvement in their lives. Nothing at all ever remains the same, and if one has to take some time to meditate on this, they will realise that there should be no turning back.

For example, can anyone go back to the age that they were before? Can anyone bring back yesterday, in an effort to make some changes on what that should have been done? Even if people try to repeat parties, functions, or demonstrations, it never works in the same way as it did before. There are always changes in life. When persons are successful in their sports, they have to continue their training, as doing the very same things as before, never allows then to win continuously. Looking back anyway, allows everyone to recognize what was done right or wrong, and in so doing they come to understand what is the correct direction to be taken to achieve their goals in life.

In some instances, people are very critical of persons who decide to do something different. They judge and criticise them, as they claim that whatever they themselves have been doing has been successful, and so they do not want someone to come up with another idea. They want persons to continuously follow them, and what really happens is that persons are being confused and affected in their life’s journey. However, everyone has a mission with different ideas, and even if they recognise someone’s success, they move on, as no one can ever remain in the same place doing the same things.

Improvement is what life is all about, as we can clearly see how persons are moving on, designing the latest cellphones and other equipment. Does anyone want to go back to the old phones they had before? Oh no, as the latest ones are so enjoyable.

On some very rare occasions one has to turn back, especially when something wrong has been done to someone or some people, and they did not apologise or forgive them. Of course, it is only because they had moved on, and at some point they recognized their wrong doings. So in turning back in cases like these, is not to repeat what had been done over and over, but to forgive and restore all their relationships with those to whom they had done wrong.

Life is an awesome journey. A journey is all about moving forward. As a result of this, every one of us will have this experience, as we each have a purpose that has been ordained for us. And so, we should always say, “No turning back! No turning back!”

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  1. “… enjoy each day with whatever that has been ordained for us”.

    “… as we each have a purpose that has been ordained for us”.

    Ms. Mary Juliana Brice, are you then telling me that everything I do or say is pre-ordained?
    Well, if that’s the case, I’m not responsible for anything I say or do; after all, it was pre-ordained.

    The killer, the thief, the rapist, etc.; should not be blamed; it’s not his fault; it was pre-ordained. He or she was born to do it.
    Am I right or did I misunderstand your article?

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