New Poultry Policy

INDUSTRY stakeholders have reached a consensus on measures that will increase the production and supply capacity of the domestic poultry sector and the details will be announced shortly by the Ministry of Agriculture.

A working group was established earlier this year with stakeholders within the poultry industry to jointly formulate a strategy and plan of action to improve the poultry sector. The stakeholders included hatchers, producers, farmers, processors, distributors and retailers.

Under the guidance of an independent consultant, the working group held a number of meetings and extensive consultations to achieve a three-fold objective: determine the best approach to achieve industry growth; minimize any adverse effects on consumers, farmers, processors, retailers and other stakeholders; and maintain existing regional and international trade obligations.

As a result, an incremental approach to improving the production and supply capacity of the domestic poultry sector was agreed to by all parties. The approach was considered necessary as it ensured that consumer prices remained as stable as possible.

The Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry of Agriculture will announce the details of the implementation of the new policy measures to industry stakeholders.

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  1. long overdue. there have been up 2 this point a lot of red-tape by those processes.

    long-over-due. get the ball rolling?

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