Mary Isaac: ‘Life Sentences For Rapists’

Senator Mary Isaac [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Senator Mary Isaac
SENATOR Mary Isaac has called for lifetime sentences to be impossed on persons convicted of rape.

Isaac spoke to The VOICE yesterday and explained that rape had reached such high proportions in the country that a deterrent of some sort to be implemented.

“I am calling for legislation that would make someone convicted of rape serve life behind bars,” Isaac said.

Such legislation, she said, would serve as a deterrent to would-be rapists, at least in the short term.

“However for that to work, the justice system must be working effectively. Right now the justice system seems to be shut down. We need the forensics lab to work,” Isaac said.

Her concerns come on the heels of two more cases of rape being reported to the police this week, one in Dennery and the other in Corinth.

Just last week the gang rape of two teenage girls in Reduit Orchard set off a firestorm of protest island wide as Saint Lucians vented their views about the crime.

Now police, always vigilant where such crimes are concerned, will soon make a statement on this particular crime.

The police press relations office has released several tips on how women can protect themselves. Police Chief, Errol Alexander has appealed to young women to be careful of the information they put of themselves and their activities on social media.

Government officials including Health Minister Alvina Reynolds have called on men to respect women, all women, including girls.

Isaac, however wants more than just legislation to fight the scourge of rape that has now become prevalent in the country. She wants a change made to the education system as she sees this as a significant step in reversing the current trend.

“The education system is horrible,” Isaac said.

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  1. Mary, life time sentence is not the solution: CASTRATION.
    After one castration – the word gets around. No more rapes.

  2. Mandatory sentences are the product of good intentions, but good intentions do not always make good policy. In many instances the question to be asked is weather justice has been served. Mandatory sentencing does not reduce crime. The existence of capital punishment nor the certainty of the death penalty has had no effect on the rates of homicides.

  3. Cuthbert /
    You have stated statistical facts poignantly.
    I also believe that Chemical castration is justice well served:
    Most rapes are crimes of POWER and the need to DOMINATE within that subservient event.
    This supports the statistical records that the majori of rapes are committed by persons FAMILIAR to the victim.
    Chemical Castration could be offered in lieu of pricey life sentences.
    And the cloistered ambiance of prisons will not arrest the mental drive of a rapist. He / she can easily switch genders as a target for theirs abnormal drive for power /contol and dominance!
    There goes Mary on her broom chasing obvious convenient AMBULANCES. Stealing a page from Empress Rigobert’s attention grabbing strategies

  4. MARY au contrire/
    I have received confessions and vignettes from all classes/ranks within our vertical banana republic.
    Would you deny that you have never used your strap-ons or battery operated “toys” on targeted girls within your echelon -in fits of rage or to cower their allegiance..
    Come on Mary, you have left ketchup trails on a few neophyte “french fries” in your fits to press the “power’ of your union presidency.
    Underpaid, economically challenged neophyte secretaries will not snitch in small banana societies:
    after all in a macho dominated society the males would laugh hysterically at said executive dalliances.

  5. Mary
    why all the nouveau histrionics about forced intercourse when this is a society where the altars of Bacchus dominate every church.. Too many Girls from 13 up where g strings and revealing bras -if not bra lless- under their school uniforms, while gyrating fulll force against the crotches of their male peers and older seasoned studs -to dance hall and soca -on Jeremie Street-Gros Islet street soiree and all classes of night clubs island wide.
    MARY, have you ever dildo-ed a young filly at an after road march event during the alcohol /drug infused FUGUE ambiance of carnival season? or plotted too, on an unsuspecting docile secretary?
    Mother Theresa you ain’t and will never be!
    Come on , rape is bad but as a society we actually stimu\\\late and sustain its existence….in too many nation degrading ways.
    Mary, your self serving ambitions are as blatant as a toddlers diapers.
    You will need your turbo charged broom at the convention, n’est pas?

  6. MARY call 4 life time no show sentencing 4 her political ambition.
    mary is being rape by her own greed and self-serving ego.
    moveeeeeeeeeeee———- yourrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

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