Is There A Serial Rapist?

Police Step Up Fight Against Sex Crimes.

Milton Desir
Milton Desir

THE Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has vowed to leave no stone unturned in its efforts to stop the current occurrences of rape on the island.

They say that they have implemented a new strategy as a result and in light of an increase in rape and sexual offences for the year.

Now the question has been asked whether a serial rapist could be on the loose given the unprecedented high number of rape cases reported this year. At least Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony believes there are “serial rapists at large” in the country.

And despite the traditional under-reporting of sexual offences, lawmen today are saying a reverse of that pattern is taking place with more rape cases being reported this year than in previous years.

This increase in the number of reported rape cases now has police searching their forensic data base to determine if they are dealing with a serial rapist among the 58 cases reported so far for the year.

“We are looking to see if there is a serial rapist in all of those incidents…,” a source within the police department told The VOICE Thursday, noting that this could only be determined with the forensic evidence gathered to date.

The police last Wednesday announced a new strategy to deal with the unprecedented rise in rape cases”.

A press release said: “The organizations is expecting that this new strategy will not only assist in minimizing the occurrence of rape incidents on the island but also increase the arrest rate of offenders.”

Police are of the view that whereas there is not any excuse or justifiable reason for one to rape another, it is incumbent on everyone to ensure that they minimize their chances of being vulnerable to rape and other sexual assaults.

“No stone will be left unturned as the RSLPF seeks to bring a stop to the attacks by those who prey on vulnerable persons in Saint Lucia,” the release quoted Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, SeverinMoncherry as saying.

The Vulnerable Persons Team (VPT), the unit within the police department that is solely responsible for investigating rape cases is struggling to deal with the unusual number of cases, but they are not alone in seeking justice for victims.

Acting ACP Milton Desir says that all cases of rape are being investigated irrespective of the resources at hand.

“Every department you ask will tell you it does not have sufficient resources. What you have to do is make maximum use of whatever you have. All matters are being investigated. The VPT is not alone in this. There are other units within the police force assisting them like the Major Crimes Unit and the Criminal Investigation Department,” Desir told The VOICE Thursday.

Over the last two weeks, the VPT has had to deal with at least four rape cases with victims ranging in age from 97 to 16.

The elderly rape occurred last week in Mon Repos causing outrage in the country with citizens taking to all forms of media to denounce the attack. They also called for police to be more on the ball in preventing this type of abuse among women.

Police, to their credit have not been idle.

Reports reaching The VOICE revealed that in the case of the 97 year old woman police did bring in someone for questioning and analyzing. They are awaiting forensic results in that matter.

In the case of the two teenagers who were raped by three armed men two weeks ago at a house in Reduit Orchard, police are reporting that they have three persons in custody. They are also awaiting forensic results in that matter.

With regard to the rape that took place at ReduitBeach three weeks ago involving two victims police have arrested one man in connection with that incident. He has since been charged with unlawful connection with one of the victims and rape of the other victim.

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