Digicel Backing for ARC Once More


DIGICEL has formally confirmed its commitment to support this year’s Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) to the Saint Lucia TouriSaint Board with the presentation of its sponsorship cheque.

A sponsor’s appreciation ceremony was held at the Saint James Club.

Digicel says it continues to recognize the significance of the ARC in Saint .Lucia . The yachters will set sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 22. Digicel says it is happy that for the firSaint time an extraordinary Saint. Lucian Nicolas Philips has decided to join the voyage on board the “Marlin S” and wishes him all the beSaint.

KentoniaCensey-Smith, Digicel’s Business Solutions Operations Manager told the ceremony: “ARC brings to Saint Lucia international exposure and the opportunity for much needed foreign inveSaintment as well as on-island revenue generating initiatives, which greatly benefit the local populace. We recognize the importance of the suSaintainability of tourism products such as ARC which contributes to Saint. Lucia’s economy and so we at Digicel are more than happy to partner with the Saint Lucia TouriSaint Board in this and any venture that delivers positive returns and economic Saintimulation for Saint. Lucia.

“We also look forward to providing the necessary telecommunication services to the cruisers and ensuring they are able to Saintay connected and in touch with family and friends back home with the extraordinary experience of affordable world class service and care on Digicel’s island wide 4G network.”

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