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Beyond The Squabble – A Vote For Integrity

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

TOMORROW United Workers Party (UWP) delegates ought to reach beyond the squabbles and the attacks against their leader and cast a vote for integrity, hard work and vision by re-electing Allen Chastanet, political leader. A vote for Integrity will signal a return to honesty, wholeness and soundness of the UWP. These qualities have been on the decline in public life and the UWP delegates have a duty to revive and uphold them. These were the foundations on which their great party was built. UWP delegates must therefore show moral courage and foresight by returning integrity to the heart and soul of the party.

Conscientious and patriotic Saint Lucians have longed for a peaceful settlement of the squabbles within the UWP in office, and in opposition. Recent egotistic jostling by ‘little men’ is unprecedented in the long history of the party. Since its founding over fifty years ago that party has largely lived up to its name. The party has demonstrated a united approach to internal party matters and to nation building. There were reported hiccups between former party chairman Henry Giraudy, and political leader John Compton, over a proposed alliance with George Odlum’s Progressive Labour Party (PLP), in 1982. Giraudy would have none of it. In the end the mistrust by party chairman of Odlum and his clique, prevailed. During that centre tempts not a word, not a word, not a word was heard from either UWP leaders, or the executive committee. Oh my! How times have changed.

Let me quickly correct myself. Time has not changed. True, seasons seem to fly past more quickly these days than they once did, but a day is still 24 hours. It is the quality and character of the people – their integrity – that has changed. Those who sit where political icons once did are clearly not of the calibre of past leaders. The new has changed for worse. One recalls Sir John Compton’s reluctance to welcome certain characters as candidates in the elections of 2006, in which he last led his UWP to victory. Sir John may have had more than ample evidence to mistrust those eager hopefuls, having known their parents and their history. He took a calculated risk that soon backfired.

Notwithstanding greed and the lack of integrity that surrounded him, Sir John’s final budget speech had clearly defined a road map for a new social and economic development thrust for the island. It must have been his hope that future UWP leaders would carry on from there. UWP supporters and long-suffering citizens pray and hope that the party, which is at a crucial crossroad, will emerge tomorrow with new hope and stronger bonding. The squabble and childish attacks on the political leader must end. The convention must decide once and for all who is best suited to lead the UWP to victory at the next general elections. This is the choice facing delegates. The challenge is therefore clear and simple – return a strong leader of integrity who Labour is most afraid to face at the polls. That person is none other than Allen Chastanet.

The UWP convention is therefore much more than an internal partisan political issue – it is a crucial national issue. The results will surely determine the outcome of the next general elections. And no one knows this better than the leader of the St. Lucia Labour Party. That is why he has relentlessly attacked Allen Chastanet. His recent alliances with former enemies who he has ridiculed and for whom he has no respect, says it all. Desperation! Fakery! He will sleep with his worst ‘you know what I mean’ enemy, if that will help him. But it won’t. The game is over. Persons of integrity and business acumen frighten the SLP more than any other. It is precisely such a person who must lead the UWP to battle.

The government can count itself lucky that there is no thirty-year old Peter Josie or a thirty-seven year old George Odlum to put ‘fire in their wire’ for shaming the island and bringing its people to such ridicule by their latest selection of total strangers as the island’s representatives in the international arena. Oh Lord, what a mess … but that’s for another page.

Allen Chastanet has remoulded the UWP into an organization of which its deceased leaders Giraudy, Compton and Mallet would be proud. He has invited former stalwarts of the party to help guide him and his team as they march forward to victory. The choice for those stalwarts for a political leader, who will continue in the party’s tradition, seems clear to those who wish to see.

Immediately after the convention Allen Chastanet must quickly turn to candidates’ selection and the preparation of his party manifesto. He must consult as widely as possible with constituencies and stalwarts, while observing the rules of the party.

In his candidates’ selection, the political leader should be guided by history. New Labour had first organized ‘run offs’ to choose candidates for general elections. They soon abandoned the practice when it created more confusion. The UWP past leaders, Compton and Giraudy understood that allowing a free-for-all in candidate selection would cause as much confusion and possibly fracture the party. Instead, they consulted constituency groups and spoke to a wide a cross section from each constituency and stalwarts, before their final selection. This probably explains the many victories of the UWP at the polls.

Another lesson which the leader of the UWP must bear in mind is that of Allan Louisy and his SLP government. A political leader should not venture into a general election unless he is certain that he has the full and unswerving support of each and every candidate. If he is uncertain, the method adopted by former Prime Minister Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago, should help.

It bears repeating that this UWP conference is more than an internal contest to choose a leader. It is selecting men and women of integrity – honesty and soundness to form the next government of Saint Lucia. Interestingly, it was Allen Chastanet who helped develop the new moral guidelines of the UWP, insisting that ‘honesty’ should be number one. The UWP must realize that the failed SLP will not fold its tent and humbly retire. If there was any integrity left in them that’s what they would do. But no, these shameless people lacking in integrity and dignity prefer to be pushed out of office.

The misery which the SLP has deposited upon the heads of the people of Saint Lucia is too large and too hurtful to be enumerated here. The peoples’ prayer is that every UWP delegate remembers that his or her vote for a political leader is a first step towards a vote for a new UWP Government. The vote for political leader is also to carry-on where Sir John left off. One can only pray and humbly ask God to cause UWP delegates tomorrow, to re-elect Allen Chastanet, political leader.

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when selfishness, avarice and greed must be set aside, if only temporarily, and to strike a blow for integrity, hard work and fair play.

My personal prayer is that the convention will be orderly and peaceful and that every genuine UWP member and supporter will unite behind the new leader and other elected officials of the party. Saint Lucia is waiting patiently; don’t let her down.


  1. Nice vespers Peetar but a tweet from the Grand Poupa at the Masonic Lodge discreits your originality. In fact 75% of your article was outlined by Rick de la Weightlifter (if Schwas-negger can make governor of California I ought to be preident of St Lucia 🙁
    You scorn integrity when you ASSert statements made by others SANS CITATIONS.
    Therefore, your drivel does not even qualify as hogwash or bovine excrement.
    The FAILURE of flambeau executive hopefuls including your PUPPET MASTER is quite simple:
    They had 5 years to develop a meaningful grass roots resurgence among the proletariat; their best showing was in the role of AMBULANCE CHASER and canine yapper at the obvious:
    No attempt was made to abet the passage of the SHIP OF STATE through the dire straits of global economic meltdown.
    If I were a child or woman aboard the Titanic,
    I would not trust your convention aspirants to perform their duties in any rescue event.
    Their actions has been more like rats who flee a CHEESE less ship while taunting the frugal passengers abord- from the safety of the shoreline.
    You once ridiculed that this election is between our stoic leader Dr Ken Anthony and the Central Bank darling -the estate of Chaz.
    Reading between your lines and that of most UWP supporters-
    it is simply a match between a Red hot LIVE incumbent and a CORPSE
    – may he rest in peace.

  2. It is astonishing that this reprobate Josie would feel shameless selling Allen Chastanet as an individual of integrity. Allen Chastanet ranks as the greatest impostor to have ever attempted to destroy the image of this beautiful country. Allen is an undesirable ignoramus who is know for his deceitful ploys as was displayed nationally when he, instead of being truthful and tell us he did not speak and understand Kweyol, blamed the listenning device for not transmitting sound in Kweyol — “SIR, SIIR, SIIIR, I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT THE EARPIECE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY, SO I WOULD HAVE TO ASK YOU TO SPEAK ENGLISH” Are Lucians that stupid to allow such a fraudulent and villainous Allen Chastanet to become anywhere near to the seat in the House.

    Let me thank the people of Soufriere for rejecting this bogus Caucasian, yes you read it correctly, and now like a snake he has changed his skin and decided to run for office where the people may not be as sophisticated as the people of Soufriere. His aficionados are determined to make this rascals reign over Lucians like in the days of slavery with Miss Daisy and Black Sambo Stephen Ezekiel Joseph in Django.

    But back to this slime-ball Negro Josie, this is the same self-hating Negro who called our beautiful chocolate women “UGLIER” and not fit to be Carnival Queen, but has no problem advocating a Witch to be our First Lady. I know the weight lifter has told you he is Caucasian and you should vote for Allen. He also told you, the name Carasco was not White enough, so he named himself after the homosexual John Wayne, calling himself the Roman Ricky John Wayne, who now pretends to be an intellectual with vollies of eternal babble and everlasting drivel that can be summed up on a sheet of toilet paper. Relief is near, because when Allen and his Sambo Negroes are flushed down the toilet in the Elections, that will be the end of that Rag run by the ninny.




  3. Carasco as John Wayne
    Beware of the wannabe racial status seekers:
    Let the politicians of Santo Domingo be fair warning:
    Unilaterally, they have immigrantacide the BLACK population of the Dominican Republic.
    Recall that this was Cristobal Columbus’ and Spain’s first capital colony in the “New World” -order!!!!
    This was the colony where the most VICIOUS and atrocious – despicable crimes against the Tainos and later Africans were carried out -with glee.
    The sons and daughters of this barbaric land continue the savagery of their genetic legacy by EXPELLING the visibly black skinned from amongst them.
    Beware! Achtung! Attencion!
    Racial wannabes aim to stratify/polarize their societes……… via marginalization of the descendants of African heritage
    Therefore, the hues or vocal stylus of dark skinned folks align with the previous colonial economic order-
    colored folks shall now share the apartheid opportunities limited to the UNTOUCHABLES caste.
    Exhibit A
    Wannabe Rigobert (Vocal Stylus)
    over King (common native)
    Wannabe Mary Is-a-sack full of contrived conniving (ruthless Euro style opportunist) over Richards (proud -self made independent “Black Beauty”).

  4. Following their pre-convention SEANCE-
    Guy, Mary, et Josie were wiretapped promising to MUMMIFY the corpse of John Compton and enshrine it a la Lenin or Chavez’s Tomb-
    as national or tourist spectacular—
    If the curse of their puppet master is granted
    -granted that his dough has rolled a few dough>nuts,
    die-hard rock cakes, quickee loving bakes and accra floats and fast rising yeasty phallic bread –
    along with his favorite creme and chiffon pies of his pastry cafe.
    Do not forget the Irish Whisky and Creme for Josie’s coffee mug 🙂 at le Convention, oui!

  5. /

    If you people of African ancestry have not realized the insidious character of the Caucasian Christian White Supremacist, this latest episode in France should bring to your realization that in the mind of these Caucasian White Supremacist and their aficionados, it is the lives of Caucasians ONLY that matters and has value. Here’s an opportunity for you to remove the blinders placed upon your minds by this Evil Caucasian Christian and see his blatant hypocrisy.

    Ask yourself, when over one-hundred and fifty students were murdered at a University in the African nation of Kenya by terrorist, how many buildings were illuminated with the colors of the Kenyan Flag ? How many flags were flown at half-mast ? Yet, it will be impossible to turn on your T.V., and the White Supremacist Talk Shows, and not told how saddened you should feel for France – don’t get me wrong; the murder of inocent people, like Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, 12-year old Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, and the Paris victims, are atrocities, but my point here is when Black Africans are murdered by terrorist these hypocritical Caucasian Christians display no empathy or sympathy towards the families of Black people – here’s the story of the Kenyan students killed by TERRORIST:


    As though this was not shameful enough, thousands of Black Africans are murdered by terrorist with such frequency that I have lost count. Where are the “ONLY WHITE LIVES MATTER” people and media ? DO YOU PAINT YOUR FACES RED BLACK AND GREEN ? Some idiot Negroes have even painted their faces RED, WHITE, AND BLUE ? That’s some sick ass Samboes for you. France and Obama and Israel murder thousands of people of Color with regularity where are the “GOODY TWO SHOES” PEOPLE to wail the hundreds of Palestinian children bombed to cinders by Israel with the help of the NOW Grieving Americans and French who supply the bombs and F-16s to Israel to MURDER AND TERRORISE PALESTINE WOMEN AND CHILDREN ?

    This should be a learning opportunity for all you black people who think Caucasian Christians who teach you that a Caucasian is God, are anything but diabolical. Here’s a story of TERROR AGAINST BLACK AFRICANS that none of you Negroes painted your faces WHITE. THINK, THINK, THINK AND SEE THESE HYPOCRITES FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE :




    Both josie and judas start with the letter “j”
    can any one see that josie is the same judas?
    that judas josie is the seed of the devil. he is also a vulture the unclean bird that Noah loosed and it went out of the ark, (SLP) it was in the same ark with the dove (BROTHER GEORGE AND DR. KENNY)? but when the vulture josie was loosed and he saw all that dead flesh upon the earth ( U W P and Allan’s table) he gall up that dead flesh that Allan/FLAMBO) feed him with.he was in the ark (S L P )and he was eating dead flesh outside (U W P). he saw so much of dead flesh that he did’t want to come back in the ark (S L P) josie judas is a vicious vulture with characteristics he is sly, he is shrewd and he is a very cagey animal.


    Tonight I finally grew to understanding your depiction of Mary Isaac as a demonic La-ja-bles. This witch resorted to insulting and humiliating the the Hon. Stephenson King for no reason other than his desire to serve the people of this country, and I hope you will see the comments she made and give us further insight into the sick mentality of this treacherous venomous “tet chien” woman known for her treachery.

  8. SOM/
    This was a carefully orchestrated Wall Street style “hostile takeover of a legal political machine whose sole purpose is to rivet this island firmly into the snare of the aristocracy.
    Mary performed her latrine disposal duties with much fanfare.
    Event the CONTRIVED feeble challenge by Sarah was merely washing of the party’s picket fence as public facade.
    Like the failed boxinstaging g tourney Chaz does have a penchant for “staging” make believe.
    I shall get back toa closer analysis of Mary’s role now and upcoming in a few days.
    Even Josie’s article titled SQUABBLE hinted at a staged fight as in WWF.
    Once we can decode the role play book of each player in the “Hyena Junta”, we can then read the leash handler’s master plan as in the Emperor’s New Clothes.- long before Game Day.

  9. SOM/
    This was a carefully orchestrated Wall Street style “hostile takeover”of the extreme right wing faction of a legal political machine whose sole “Pinochet” style purpose is to rivet this island firmly into the snare of the aristocracy.
    Mary performed her latrine disposal duties with much fanfare.
    Event the CONTRIVED feeble challenge by Sarah was merely washing of the party’s picket fence as nod to democratic protocol –
    a public facade.
    Like the failed boxing staging g tourney during his tourism minister stint, Chaz does have a penchant for “staging” make believe.
    I shall get back to a closer analysis of Mary’s role now and upcoming- in a few days.
    Even Josie’s article titled SQUABBLE hinted at a staged fight as in WWF.
    Once we can decode the role play book of each player in the “Hyena Junta”, we can then read the leash handler’s master plan as in the Emperor’s New Clothes.- long before Game Day.

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