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Sub-Standard And Unacceptable

Rufus Bousquet

The presence of characters like Rufus Bousquet on television offering their views on aspiring politicians is nothing more than disgraceful and disappointing to viewers.

Mr. Bousquet, as we are all aware, has been a highly controversial with some questionable behaviour to his credit but who was permitted to serve as the Minister of Foreign Affairs under a Prime Minister who he literally bulldozed.

His tenure as a Foreign Minister was overshadowed by some strong suspicions about the manner in which he conducted himself and the office of Foreign Affairs. He was twice dismissed by deceased Sir John Compton after being embraced, so to speak, by his own admission. Bousquet admits that he needs to be repackaged before being presented but unfortunately when one repackages a person or commodity, the deficiencies of the individual or the commodity remains unchanged and on that score, the item remains sub-standard and unacceptable to the market place.

Mr Allen Chastanet has spent over two years restructuring the UWP and giving the party the recognition it truly deserves. In the process, individuals who don’t meet the necessary criteria should recognise their deficiencies as Bousquet himself admitted, and accept the fact that democracy has prevailed and superseded all sub-standard candidates like himself.

Mr Chastanet has been democratically and constitutionally elected as Leader of the UWP and maintains the support of the majority of the party’s seventeen constituencies. After two years as political leader, his support remains unwavering. The fact that two or three spoilt and disgraced members are unwilling to face the reality has not deterred the political strides accomplished.

The SLP in its quest to remain an administration of choice has continued its devious propaganda by way of character assassination which has worked in the past but no more and not taking into account the graveyard of skeletons in their own backyard. St. Lucians have made up their minds on the way forward and no amount of false promises and devious television commercials along with some disgruntled UWP supporters will deter the direction of most St. Lucians.

St. Lucians at this time need to revisit 2006 and familiarise themselves with the lyrics of Jeff Elva “The Mighty Pelay” when he described that period as Al Qaeda day. Kenny Anthony and his disciples must start adjusting their future to another Al Qaeda day in the making for any day or time that he so decides to ring the bell.

–Allen Chastanet supporter


  1. St Lucia had an excellent calypso crooner in the form of “Zandolee”
    Oh how well he represented on the grand Trini stages/tents/jamborees.

    By comparison your writing crawls along to reveal that you are a MABOUYA!


    The story goes that a man asked a fairy to make him desirable and irresistible to all women, so she turned him into a credit card.

    The lazy, greedy, uninspiring, and opportunistic lot of the UWP got just what they deserved. Now they are crying foul.

    When as leader everyone around you is angry, frustrated, and losing their heads and you go about your business cool, calm, and collected it could be one of three things:
    1) you’re either super confident in what you’re doing or
    2) simply hapless and clueless or,
    3) you simply do not give a damn

    If it is 1) you can be accused of being tone death, or simply luxuriating in hubris, self aggrandizement, are delusional, or worse yet a dictator. However, success will vindicate you.
    If it is 2) then ‘nough said.
    If it is 3) then you’re a one-man wrecking crew.

    On another note, if Spider is to be believed Chastanet promised he would vie for the leadership of the party just to reorganize the party and would not necessarily be the one to lead it into the elections. Really?

    It would appear that many of them fell for that okie doke. Mr. Montoute demonstrated an astounding amount of naiveté to have uttered this in the public domain. What is implied in this statement is that he was prepared to outsource to Mr. Chastanet the hard work of making the party electable while he sits back and enjoy the spoils.

    Giving a narcissist even a taste being in charge is tantamount to giving a cocaine addict just a line. In both cases you have just whetted their appetite and created a monster.

    The disgruntled of the UWP will either all have to resign enmasse, resoundingly vote out the leader, or dance with the partner you “brung” to the party, particularly if Mr. Chastanet wins the leadership race again should there be one in the near future.

    At any rate the UWP’s goose was cooked long before Chastanet decided to run for party leader. That town and village council report was a lethal indictment. Its effects on the party will be felt long after the impending 2016 loss until they confront and address it in all sincerity with the people of Saint Lucia.

    To not even acknowledge that mistakes were made and treat it like “a bagga lie” is certainly not the right way to have handled it.

    Cancer does not just simply go away it has to be treated to remission.
    Its not that complicated.

    As for Mr. Bousquet he would do well to ride away into the sunset as relevance has long left him. It is pathetic to see him fighting against the tide of oblivion.

  3. Lucia Boy- I read every letter, word , sentence, paragraph- You do have the gift of the Antillean plume. Our Archipelago needs writers to vanguard her progressive and steadfast national/regional maturation.

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