Stiff Penalties For Child Sex Videos

Elizabeth Lewis, Director of the Division of Human Services and Family Affairs
Elizabeth Lewis, Director of the Division of Human Services and Family Affairs
Elizabeth Lewis, Director of the Division of Human Services and Family Affairs

EVEN while the Division of Human Services and Family Affairs here and the Caribbean Mentorship Institute expressed their concerns about the recent uploading and sharing of a video of a school girl and boy engaging in explicit sexual activities, the Electronics Crime Bill of 2009 warns of stiff penalties to anyone caught making or distributing such videos.

The video, which appears to have gone viral this week, has shocked many prompting the Division to call on parents to be more vigilant about the whereabouts of their children and their activities.

“There are parents who say that they are tired of talking to their children. I say there is never a time when a parent should be tired of talking to their children about matters like this,” said Elizabeth Lewis, Director of the Division of Human Services and Family Affairs.

According to Mrs. Lewis this video and other in the past are a matter of concern to the Division.

“It’s a matter that concerns us. We’re seeing a new trend in the filming and posting of such videos on the internet. I am calling on those persons who are doing that to put an end to this practice. Stop further abusing our children,” Mrs. Lewis said.

She said that some of the children who engage in sexual activities are not aware of the psychological impact, both short term and long term, their actions would have on them therefore it is imperative that they are taught of the dangers they are getting themselves involved in by engaging in such activities.

The Caribbean Mentorship Institute for its part has since made a dire plea to inform educational institutions, parents, guardians, mentors and peers to ensure that preventative interventions are implemented to educate youths/students on the potential dangers of social media and the internet.

The Institute’s Felicia Browne, in an article entitled “Social Media and Youth Safety” noted that once a child or youth is given an electronic device like a tablet, mobile phone or laptop, he or she should be sensitized to the dangers that may occur with its usage.”

“When students are seen in school uniforms posing with gun images or conducting sexual acts and intercourse, we should reflect on the values that we have instilled in them as a society. We should not assume that our youths “know better” but rather implement preventative and interactive dialogues that will assist with their formative growth,” she said.

According to the Electronics Crime Bill anyone who produces pornographic material for the purpose of its distribution, offer or make pornographic material available, distribute or transmit pornography is said to have committed an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both.

It further states that a person shall not, intentionally, through or in an electronic system procure pornographic material available, distribute or transmit pornography; procure pornographic material for his or herself or for another person, or retain pornographic material.

Anyone who contravenes this commits an offence and is liable on conviction to the same penalties listed above.

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