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Reshuffle The Cabinet Now

I wish to suggest that Prime Minister Anthony immediately institutes a reshuffle of Cabinet portfolios or immediately dismiss some of his Ministers.

I stress on the word “immediately’ because the situation is grave. The situation at the Castries Comprehensive School coming so soon after that at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is a clear indication that something is amiss at the Ministry of Education.

In such circumstances, the Minister must be held accountable and must be prepared to face the consequences. There is little doubt that Dr. Robert Lewis has been a failure and must be replaced or sent packing. Apart from the situation in the schools, the fact that under Dr. Lewis, the Ministry has been unable to rein in school children who can be seen loitering all over Castries on afternoons, worries me. It cannot be that the Minister is unaware of the potentially explosive nature of this new phenomenon that is already beginning to manifest itself in school children mingling in the crowds on Jeremie Street on Friday evenings, boozing up to their heart’s content.

The Prime Minister also needs to get rid of the Minister of Health, who like Dr. Lewis has been ineffective while major issues remaining in the health sector are not being resolved. The same applies to the Minister of National Security Mr. La Corbiniere, who has turned out to be nothing but a joke.

The Prime Minister’s own performance also raises serious concerns in my mind, which is why I believe a reshuffle would be in the best interest of the country at this time. The image of the Labour Party is fading fast and something must be done to restore it before it is too late.

I read in a poll being conducted on St Lucia News online that the Lucian Peoples Movement is enjoying more popular support than the Labour Party. That says all. It’s time for the SLP to get off Chastanet’s back which is not producing any results and concentrate its energies on doing things for the people to make their lives better. The present strategy is counter productive and seriously flawed, guys.



  1. -Children today have more rights than adults
    -Your grand parents went to school in wooden warehouses with latrine outhouses and excelled academically /MORALLY.
    -PROACTIVE responsible citizenry is the first and best line of PREVENTION and DETERRENCE. in the areas of Health Education and CRIME.
    Not even the most powerful government on the planet can slow the pace of gun violence. It takes people acting like a doppler radar network in conjunction with authorities.

  2. Historically Kenny only reshuffles when he wants to show a minister that he is the boss’.
    I concur that La Corb is probably the worse minister in my memory.

    1. Can you talk intelligently regarding the reason(s) you suggest that La Corb is the worse minister? Now, just don’t tell me “he eh saying nothing”. I need substance to your reasoning.

  3. How many mothers tell their children this. ‘WHEN YOU GROW P i WANT YOU TO BE LIKE THIS PRIME MINISTER’? How many of our youth say this. ‘When I grow up I want to be like this prime minister’?
    This airport PM is only good at spending budget money like a common-law wife, as a supermrket shopping list. As long as he gets the money he knows just what to do. Like a drunken sailor, just spend it. When he runs out? Tax. Tax. Tax. VAT. VAT. VAT.
    That is why today, the country is a financial black-hole. We are poring money down Kenny’s rabbit hole while he and his self-respecting stooges beg the world even at the UN. We are facing debts to repay continued financial blunders like Roachasmell $5 million, to repay for lost Black Bay property somewhere to the tune of $86 million, to get value for money given to Grynburg for a lot of nothing, $150 million and to pay the penalty for doing nonsense with that Grynburg money, $500 million, and to pay AGAIN Saint Lucia’s legal fees for all of that financial LAUGHABLE madness, we don’t even know yet. Kenny and the SLP are the only ones in Saint Lucia amused by all this blunderings.
    Kenny should not reshuffle. No man! Kenny should quickly SHUFFLE OUT OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE instead.

  4. Augier, I wholeheartedly believe in what you are saying. I fully support your ideas. They make a lot of sense. This entire SLP circus troupe should find a vey big performing tent to continue to entertain their grass cutting STEP voters. After all, these voters have already been prepared for their votes since the last elections in annual installments. What the heck did think that STEP programme amounts to other than just that?

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