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LIME, Restore These Channels

WHEN is LIME going to give us a good telephone service.

These last few days when I use my cell to call a number I usually get a message telling me that my call cannot be completed, that I should check to ensure that I am calling the correct number and call again..

This is most annoying, especially when it is obvious that I am dialling the correct number. Why is it that LIME cannot connect my call and this goes on for several hours.

Also, when is LIME going to restore the channels that we are paying for on Cablevision but have given us only blank screens for several weeks?

Is LIME aware that we are paying for a service that is not being delivered?

This is the same company that is prepared to bar your telephone calls if you are late in making your payments. The same company that will not understand that if a subscriber has been a good paymaster for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years and suddenly falls on hard times and is late in paying his bill, that he or should be taken into the company’s consideration and be given a little latitude in paying up.

LIME seems to have no compassion. In fact it is the same philosophy of old Cable and Wireless which shows that even if you undergo a change of name, nothing else changes.

I demand that LIME restores BIOGRAPHY, A&E, THE HISTORY CHANNEL and the other channels it has robbed us of for so many weeks while continuing to collect the same monthly rates from its subscribers.


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  1. with the merger of C&W and FLOW the company can do now what they want, no competition means if the customer change from A to B he get the same crab, ….and prices going UP !!!

    and government keeping a blind eye on this matter 🙁

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