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Has This Been Approved?

A cell phone “game” “7171” is currently being touted and played on one of our telecommunications company’s network in St. Lucia.

The “game” consists of a series of Patois words and a choice of three English translations of each word
(A, B, or C).. The player makes a choice and sends it as a text message to the network. If correct, the player moves on to the next word and is informed of his/her standing in the “game”. Each text costs $1.

However, even when the player has reached a ranking of “No.1” the player has not won the “game”, but must continue playing every day and every night till October 21. This is not disclosed prior to starting to play. Some players may give up at this point after spending over $100. Others may opt to continue playing and throwing good money after bad in the hope of eventual reward. The telecommunications company informs me that the reward is four (4) “lucky” players will each receive a prize of $1000 at the conclusion of the “game” on October 21.

Do the math. This is clearly a ruthless scam and it would be interesting to know if any sort of licensing or approval is required or has been given by the appropriate authority.


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