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Mary Juliana BriceEVER so often, everyone encounters some sort of difficulty. How does that feel? Not good at all, as some of us have never anticipated any kind of difficulty in our lives. However, life is a journey, and anytime someone is on a journey – whether it is something that has been planned, or life’s journey which none of us can plan totally – difficulties are there to be encountered.

How does someone cope with their difficulties? Everyone is different, and while it seems that only some people go through difficulties – that’s not so as everyone does. How someone attends to their difficulties on different occasions, certainly gives others the impression that only some people are sadly under pressure.

How do you live your life? Are you kind, joyful, patient, sympathetic and loving? If someone is not kind to family, friends and anyone whom they encounter, difficulty arises, and it almost makes them feel that this is the way of life. When kindness is shown to everyone, there is joy in all that you do, and so encountered difficulties are dealt with little, little complaints.

Very few people are joyful, especially when they have had a bad experience. Their recovery from the episode takes quite some time, and so they can’t recognise the joyful things in life. Nothing lasts forever, and so if some difficulty occurs, it must be taken in stride, as one moves on. Even if you hang on to a particular episode, something else occurs, and puts you in a totally different zone, and so we need to cope and be joyful with all that we encounter.

Do we ever sometimes realise that the difficulty we encounter is a learning experience? We can see whether we are being right or wrong in our reaction, and our attitudes. Do we ever realise what the life’s learning lesson was after we have dealt with our difficulty? Do we just move briskly on, and never spend some time to think what the entire episode was about, how or why it occurred, our reactions, what changes were needed, and what we needed to give acceptance to?

Sometimes we just concentrate on the blows that we got and the sufferings that we encountered. Sometimes it is only much later in our lives that we can really relate the full potential of the difficulty to our lives – what was needed and what we had to do.

Can anyone be joyful when suffering through difficulties? Only if they can truly recognise the proper decisions that are to be taken, then they are joyful for they have been able to master their difficulty.

So being able to cope with one’s journey in life, and recognising that no one is perfect or has the intelligence to know all that is needed from them, only then will they settle comfortably in their lives, and undertake whatever is being requested from them. When one is in an incorrect zone, the difficulties to be encountered are very serious and daunting.

Let us all try to have a really joyful life, with confidence to deal with whatever we need to encounter, so that those who take decisions like these, will truly assist others who do not recognise that there are difficulties in life, and there is always some way of dealing successfully, with whatever is encountered.

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