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Chastanet is like a God Send

I have voted for both political parties. In November 2006 after the return of Sir John, I decided I could not vote for the Labour Party again. In the 2011 elections I had to hold my nose before I voted UWP. I was able to breathe freely again when Allen Chastanet became political leader of the UWP. Mr. Chastanet has to get rid of at least four former ministers who were disrespectful of former Prime Minister Sir John Compton. So far he has gotten rid of two but, two more dangerous ones remain.

I will not vote Labour as I said but, I will not vote UWP if these other two are in Chastanet’s election team. I am writing this letter because I believe there are many voters who think like me. We wait and see if Mr. Chastanet and the coming UWP convention have what it takes to give Saint Lucia better government.

Chastanet has been criticized of many things including not being a politician. But I remind his critics that our shortcomings are less important than God’s sufficiency. Chastanet is like a godsend. Saint Lucia needs new and honest candidates to get better government. The people, who in both parties have abused our votes, should have no place in our future.



  1. If Chastanet is the god send you say he is there can be no greater endosment than this: just shut up and vote UWP. If you will not vote UWP then I ask you, for whom is he a god send? Is he a god send to lesser mortals but not to you a greater mortal?

  2. UK has the Loo
    US has toilets
    It would appear that because of you we are regressing from Latrine to FENCE SITTING-
    In that case I have a well aged Banana leaf-circa Sir John’s Troumasse Hacienda for you to wipe your tush, oui!
    Mother Theresa is a god sent-a standard beyond the reach of the rich.
    Don’t forget the Dettol when washing your hands,

  3. The whole long and short of it is :– people have gone ‘Kenny Fatigue’.
    Just like they once went, ‘ George Charles Fatigue’. The Pendulum swings both ways.

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